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  • 27 September, 2010
Wait Watch

If only sweaters could hide paunches.... Ask Yuvraj Singh. Saddled with fitness issues, the southpaw recently walked the ramp in Jack & Jones—some extra cover and glasses. But alas, a line of bare-chested men behind only highlighted his weight issues. Alas, the only hope of an alternate career is fast fading. Call Bips, hurry!

White Washed

Ah! The new Mrs Tharoor yet again, in another Kerala sari. Accompanied by the swish Parmeshwar Godrej and suited son Shiv, Sunanda seems to be taking her role as the Trivandrum MP’s wife rather seriously. That too at the Dabangg premiere. The glow is apparent but how about some variety now, ma’m! Maybe Dubai gold?

Charity Game

A blatant charge of copyright infringement awaits Salman Khan. The accuser: ex-girlfriend Somy Ali. Being Human or Human Being? A fight over the names of their charities. Somy’s Human Being was launched way back in ’07 in the US. Salman just turned the words around for his Being Human foundation. Nostalgia, maybe?

Tall Dark Fit

A decade in B’wood and Bips says she’s looking her best now. She’s already a fitness guru sprawling across magazine covers and billboards in riding hemlines. Hmm...quite a buzz. All thanks to the tabloid that infamously declared her “fat”. Strenuous workouts and diet plans later came the zero-flab body. And the new wardrobe followed to accentuate the Bipasha effect.


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