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  • 01 June, 2020
Lady, Do It Alone

As is the fate of works by creative geniuses, Tagore’s oeuvre has been twisted around for some time—songs flogged for everything from rock to fusion; his fiction, some of them modernist gems, whipped mercilessly for contemporary turns. Now, in a Delhi air thick with rock n’ roll rebellion and angst, the immortal Ekla Cholo Re appears in a boldly lettered tattoo below Kiara Advani’s sternum. Cast as a band member in Guilty, the gorgeous, prominent forehead hides under a wave of hair, as the heavily lined kohl doth detract from those eyes. Though millions did answer his call, the song was a favourite of Gandhiji. Will it work for Nanki?

Yeah, Go For Red

Oh, the pleasures of carrom! On verandahs in the hot afternoons of summer holidays; a board or two at dusk as mud forms a patina on football boots; shut up in ‘clubhouses’ in monsoon evenings, or the hypnotic rattle of ‘striker’ and ‘coins’ cutting through winter nights, as a single bulb over the board keeps vigil. And the roar of voices, as points creep up…. Anil Kapoor, of a certain vintage, remembers all this. So, as the hordes distractedly bingewatch OTT series, he sets up a board and sets about beating the combined force of wife Sunita and daughter Rhea. 

A Trough For Nawaz

Wasn’t Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s memoir (An Ordinary Life) weighed down and buoyed by langorous romances, hot, fleeting flings and the pain of heartbreak? To be sure, we thought, a gust of rain-laden air amidst the aridity of primped-up hagiographies. Not just women, the book was remarkable in its candour about Nawaz’s various shortcomings—real, imagined, alleged. All this is now sharpened to a point: the news that his wife Aalia has filed for divorce. “Problems for the last 10 years” (out of 11), she said, and explained how the lockdown gave her clarity. At home in Budhana, UP, Nawaz will have a sombre Eid.

Where She Is From

Sushmita Sen was the one star who eagerly got on to digital media for direct communions with her fans: all about herself, her projects, her daughter, workout regimen, a crocodile of boyfriends…. For an actress bare there as a top draw, these (and a polished, articulate persona, one hastily adds) enabled her to hold on to a steady fandom. Add to her revelations the fact that she suffered from Addison’s Disease, an auto-immune disorder that for four years from 2014 ate into her vitals. Alongside usual treatment, Sushmita self-medicated with an intense programme of meditation, till wellness broke through her dark horizon.


  • Lady, Do It Alone

    As is the fate of works by creative geniuses, Tagore’s oeuvre has been twisted around for some time—songs...
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