Letters | Dec 11, 1996
  • A Day to Cherish
    Dec 11, 1996

    India’s win against the South African team at Mumbai, apropos The Indian Choke Trick (November 20), was memorable, having outperformed a team which had beaten them in two league encounters. A day when the performance neared perfection. My compliments to the Indian XI, especially Tendulkar, for leading the team to such an astounding victory.

    Sanjay Kumar, Hyderabad

  • Himalayan Blunder
    Dec 11, 1996

    Apropos The Bodo War Cry (November 13), if every new prime minister promises statehood for ethnic groups, India will end up having many states. Before taking such decisions, the concerned authority should think about the repercussions of such decisions. Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda committed a blunder by promising statehood for Uttarakhand.

    Rohit S. Sapam, Bangalore

  • All Hope Isn’t Lost
    Dec 11, 1996

    No Scams For Us, Please (November 13), deals with the ‘political Harishchandras’ of our polity. It’s good to know that there still are people with honesty and integrity in our country’s degenerated politics, who have survived in spite of the system.

    But the question that remains is—why does a person have to be corrupt if he wishes to be elected to the state legislature/Parliament or any elected body? I feel it’s time we switch from the Westminster model of government to another which suits our democracy better.

    V. Sagar, Delhi

    The article is inspiring for the youth. At the moment being a politician implies being corrupt and criminal. It is heartening to learn that people like Prof. Dandavate, A.K. Antony and V.N. Gadgil have retained the virtues of idealism and austerity while remaining in the mainstream of politics.

    B.C. Srivastava, Bihar

  • Hypocrisy Exposed
    Dec 11, 1996

    Apropos Selling of a Legacy (November 13), Gandhiji’s letters, which are part of our cultural heritage, have been sent abroad. This has sparked off an ideological frenzy, but stinks of hypocrisy. On the one hand, we show concern, on the other, we let the old house of the ‘father of our nation’ languish in Gandhinagar. We don’t deserve to keep our heritage because we don’t realise its worth. Undoubtedly these are priceless treasures of our ancestors which deserve a much better deal.

    Simi Ratra, Delhi

  • Set the Record Straight
    Dec 11, 1996

    As a member of the committee of the Madras Chamber, my name has been mentioned in Caste Aside (November 13). I wish to clarify that at the time of N. Shankar’s nomination for ASSOCHAM’S presidentship, no other senior past presidents were eligible for nomination.

    Also, the last paragraph of the article gives an impression that the AGM of the Madras Chamber duly voted Lakshman’s candidature for nomination to the ASSOCHAM. At the last AGM, there was no item on the agenda for the above subject. The president mentioned as a point of information that elders had chosen Lakshman, hence no discussion was warranted.

    J.G. Masilamani, MD, Western Thomson India, Chennai

  • Role Model
    Dec 11, 1996

    This refers to Temple Trustee (November 6). Mohammed Yasin’s noble work, that is, the preservation of our heritage, deserves respect from all Indians. He is above those Muslims who call him kafir, and Hindus who don’t trust him. What he does is out of respect for our country and history. People like him are few, but thanks to their work we shall some day prove Mera Bharat Mahaan.

    F.I. Choudhury, Delhi

  • Time to Act
    Dec 11, 1996

    With reference to the report, The Male Prerogative (November 6), on increasing crimes against women in Rajasthan. If a man-turned-beast rapes and injures a woman to the extent of even trying to tear out her uterus, why don’t women who have been molested and physically assaulted in self-defence, cut/damage/break that beast’s malign organ.

    P. Gautampurkar, Kota (Rajasthan)

  • Questionable Trust
    Dec 11, 1996

    This refers to the box item Mrs Artful Dodger in the article, Next, the Captain May Sink (October 30). I want to point out that neither myself, nor my husband, are, trustees of the Kalakar Trust. Your journalist spoke to only one person in the colony who doesn’t represent the overall opinion of the colony dwellers. He could easily have asked some of the other artistes to show their papers.

    Dr Mei Zegers Kalakar Trust, Delhi

  • Designs for Gowda
    Dec 11, 1996

    And what else does Prime Minister Deve Gowda need—a dress designer!

    Baldev S. Chauhan, Shimla

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