Letters | Aug 10, 2009
  • Aug 10, 2009

    Nearly 25 years ago, there was another rice export scandal in which cheaper coarse rice was exported to the erstwhile ussr instead of basmati. A swami who died in an air crash was allegedly the kingpin. The only thing common to this rice scam is that the Congress was the ruling party then too.

    Rajiv Chopra, Jammu

    With all our faith resting on the pds, can we fix the leaky pipeline first?

    Varun Garde, Bangalore

    I was honestly wondering why Kamal Nath was shifted out of the commerce ministry when he was supposed to have been doing a great job. He has obviously made a killing at the cost of India’s hungry poor.

    Dr Harun, Chennai

    I remember Kamal Nath arguing in his usual glib manner in favour of obc quotas, which genie Arjun Singh had uncorked just before the UP assembly elections. I am least surprised that he would have contributed his mite in the rice scam. People like him have bit by bit chiselled the moral sanity of this unfortunate nation.

    Siddharth, Chennai

    Outrage, angst and anger fill my mind as I read about this blatant scam. And all this while the farmers who grow this rice commit suicide and millions go hungry each day. What makes one all the more helpless is the fact that in spite of all facts being dug out and truth out in the open, no action would be taken against anyone involved and the siphoning off of precious food shall resume once the dust settles over this controversy!

    Ameet Bhuvan, Bhubaneswar

    The main reason for the steady growth of corruption in India is the advent of get-rich-quick career politicians. They make hay while their political sun is shining and also institutionalise corruption among their officials. The remedy thus lies in separating the functions of politicians and officials. Politicians should confine themselves to laying down policies and leave the day-to-day administration to the enforcement officials and judiciary.

    Rahul Sankar, on e-mail

    What is so special about this scam? Every Indian knows that every political party that has been in power has been involved in some scam or the other. But do such scams occur without the knowledge and active involvement of top ias officials? There is no selection procedure for politicians but top government officials are supposed to have been selected through “strict appraisal procedures”. Shouldn’t they uphold the high moral values they are supposed to have imbibed during training?

    Akil, Bangalore

    Your cover story is repeated thousands of times all over the country, in substance if not in magnitude, every working day. 

    Ashok Lal, Mumbai

    So? Will people be arrested and put in jail? No sirree. All politicians are in this together.

    Gautam Mohan Gulati, Adipur, Gujarat

    Wherever Kamal Nath goes, some scandal follows.

    Joe Brodway, New York

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