• Shed the Black Robe
    Jul 03, 1996

    This refers to the debate on a dress code for lawyers (Dignity Discomfort, June 12). I feel any formal dress on any occasion should be discarded. Simply because the traditional for lawyers is the black own, Indian lawyers should be expected to continue the British legacy. It must noted that legal history in western countries tells that lawyers were required to wear wigs to the courtrooms but practice has now been discarded. It is the prerogative of lawyers and other professionals decide what they feel most comfortable in and discard the impractical attire of the past.

    Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

  • Not the Real Thing
    Jul 03, 1996

    When Edward Shevardnadze, the high-profile Soviet foreign minister, was offered a Coca-Cola bottle after inaugurating a Coke plant in Georgia, he commented, "It tastes just like Pepsi Cola." In your June 5 issue (If it’s Summer, it must be...), you have committed a similar (unpardonable, from Coke’s point of view) mistake by captioning the picture of a Fanta (Coke product) road show as a ‘Pepsi event’. Carry on, such faux pas add spice to life.

    Deepak Sapra, Jamalpur

  • Local Dynamics
    Jul 03, 1996

    Money Speaks Many Languages (June 5) gives a timely update on the satellite communication revolution that is sweeping India. Indeed, the whole world is fast becoming a ‘global village’. In this context, the buzzword ‘think local, act local’, as opposed to ‘think global, act local’, is a blessing in disguise for a pluralistic society like ours. India does not need the Murdochs and the Turners to teach us about the information needs of our people.

    Thanks to a cost-effective information industry which can ‘speak’ many languages, these professionals have also accomplished what various governments, with huge resources at their command, could not achieve.

    J.S. Murthy, Jabalpur

  • Milk Out the Deceit
    Jul 03, 1996

    Apropos of Milk of Human Deceit (May 29), the article was revealing and comprehensive. It was quite disturbing to learn that things like caustic soda, salt, blotting paper, urea, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, palmolein oil, formalin and detergents are mixed to create "synthetic milk", which taken in small doses is nothing but pure poison. Imagine the condition of those who might have already consumed such milk. It is nauseating to realise that there is no limit to the pains which humans can inflict on their fellow beings to earn money.

    Prem K. Menon, Bombay

  • Tough Times
    Jul 03, 1996

    Vinod Mehta’s opinion piece (Grave Danger Ahead, May 22) ,made interesting reading. In India, though it is the world’s biggest democracy, working or running a coalition government is well nigh impossible. The trouble is that every political party has its own manifesto. Moreover, these days, almost every politician has a vested interest in the system. Thus, given the rampant corruption, the electorate has been left disenchanted with all major political groupings.

    A.P. Thadhani, Ahmedabad

    Vinod Mehta has aptly described the post-Indian election scene. However, he makes an error in describing Australia as a single-party government. The current government is made of two parties, Liberals and Nationals, who have rather divergent views.

    My personal opinion is that now that all Indian parties (major and minor) have sensed their potential to rule at the Centre, especially those from the south, the ‘era of a coalition governments’ will lead to the merger of smaller parties into a single party with more national priorities.

    Arun Prakash, Brisbane

  • South’s Mistake
    Jul 03, 1996

    The Great Divide (May 22) was informative. I agree with its observation about the North’s arrogance and ignorance. But I think politicians from the South have made some mistakes while demanding a share of central funds. It is important to note that the South has either chosen the Congress or a regional party in parliamentary polls. On the other hand, the North has provided a political alternative by overthrowing the Congress in 1977, 1989, 1991 and 1996.

    If the South had helped the Janata Party in 1977 or the Janata Dal in 1989 or the BJP today in forming a government, it would have been able to ensure a better share for itself. Even today, it has made a mistake in choosing Deve Gowda as Prime Minister because this government is at the mercy of the Congress, which is definitely going to pull the rug. If the TDP and DMK had chosen to support the BJP government, not only would they have been in a better bargaining position, but the government also would have lasted at their mercy.

    Dhananjay Jahagirdar, University of Southampton

  • Cute Cartoon
    Jul 03, 1996

    Millions of thanks for the caricature of Lok Sabha Speaker Purno Agitok San-gma (Carry on Spe -aker, June 12). Frankly, the profile next to the illustration was redundant. The caricature itself told a thousand stories about the subject. Kudos to Ajit Ninan and the caricature 21 times in the Pranab Dutta. It’s not for last two days! nothing that your magazine, is the best. I have looked at the caricature 21 times in the last two days!

    Prabhat Ranjan, New Delhi

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