Letters | Jul 27, 2015
  • Buddham Sharanam?
    Jul 27, 2015

    Faith, a personal matter, has become quite public in Myanmar and the basis of the persecution of the Rohin­gya (A Name With No Place, July 13). The community has been denied recognition, land rights and subjected to forced labour for generations. Adrift now on boats in the Indian Ocean, without food and drinking water, their plight is a matter of shame for every sensitive soul on planet earth. In this entire humanitarian crisis, where are the United Nations and other peace organisations? Most likely hiding their heads in the sand, as only Malaysia and Indonesia finally responded and offered shelter to 7,000 of the displaced people, but not before clarifying that their assistance was temporary and they would take no more refugees. The world needs to devise a more permanent solution for these fellow human beings.

    K.S. Jayatheertha, Bangalore

    It’s easy to isolate the Rohi­ngya, because they are not Banglade­shis and ‘outsiders’ within Myanmar. Bangladesh shares its border with Rakhine. But beca­use the Rohingya cannot recollect a shared history with Bangladesh and have no identity there, they cannot assimilate in that nation. I don’t think they speak Bengali either. Religion seems to be their only identity. Myanmar was a part of British colonial holdings in India, as was Bangladesh. It seems a tragedy that the community cannot enfranchise itself due to a crisis of identity.

    Aditya Mukherjee, Belgaum

    Religion once again has become the root cause of suffering for an ethnic group. It is unfortunate that beliefs born to celebrate humanity, brotherhood and peace have today bec­ome gory grounds for authoritarianism, apartheid and ethnic cle­ansing. I’m disappointed with Suu Kyi. Has she forgotten her own words? That democr­acy means “freedom from fear”?

    Koshika Krishna, Mumbai

    Dola Mitra hase done a PR job for the Burmese Budd­hists, playing down the plight of the Rohin­gya confined in camps.

    Ranjitsinh Rajput, New Delhi

    It is no surprise that the Rohingya have settled in Jammu in a big way in the last few years. Ironic that they are living with Kashmiri Pandits, refugees in their own land!

    Rajiv Chopra, Jammu

    The entire Buddhist circuit seems to be up in arms all at once. Bodhu Bala Sena, 969, the skirmishes in Thailand and Cambodia signify an emerging pattern. Suddenly the clash of civilisations is no longer just a binary conflict.

    B. Shivarudraiah, Chitradurga

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