Letters | Oct 06, 2014
  • The Accountant Did It Right
    Oct 06, 2014

    Apropos of the cover story The Man Who Demolished Manmohan Singh (Sep 22), it was to the ex-PM's detriment that he did not realise that former CAG Vinod Rai was not the traditional munimji. Manmohan indeed comes across as a tragic Shakespearean hero with the fatal flaws of the credulity of King Lear, the indecision of Hamlet and the misplaced trust of a Julius Caesar.

    S.M. Kompella, Kakinada

    There are many who keep harping about Outlook being a Congress mouthpiece, but you are the one who first exposed the 2G scam with the Radia tapes, and here you are again with the ex-CAG’s book. It seems like Outlook is doing its dharma without expecting any returns. Keep it up.

    V.N.K. Murti, Pattambi

    The question to ask is, who will account for the shortcom­ings in the CAG’s own functioning, or even seek public scrut­iny of the same? It’s obvious that no retired head of the CAG will ever expose his office.

    Narendra M. Apte, Pune

    One cannot but hold the view that the humongous losses the nation incurred could have been averted if the economist in Manmohan Singh had woken up to the red flags raised by the CAG. Guess his earlier espousal of coalition dharma was a thin pretext.

    C. Chandrasekaran, Madurai

    This coalition politics compu­lsions tack is all hogwash. This is the same ex-PM who put his foot down in UPA-I to get the nuclear deal with the US going, come what may.

    Pankaj Gupta, Allahabad

    Does the media even know the definition of audit? Perhaps they should look it up before commenting on what the CAG should or should not do. Most of you think it is an investigative agency.

    Dinesh Chauksey, Bhopal

    The CAG is not vested with powers to accuse or punish anybody, its job is to conduct a statutory audit without fear or favour. It is for the PAC to find out the errant agency and suggest remedial measures. Vinod Rai’s current revelations smack of extra activism, alm­ost as if the issues concerned are personal. It’s unbecoming of an officer of his stature.

    M.A. Ahad, Bhubaneswar

    As for the CWG scam, even Manmohan Singh refuses to explain why all powers were vested in Suresh Kalmadi by a letter from the PMO, and this when even the then sports minister was opposed to it.

    Rajesh Goel, Hisar

    In Britain, the man would have been honoured. It would be Sir Vinod Rai, if not Lord Rai.

    Ashok Lal, Mumbai

    The BJP must take advantage of Rai’s revelations, or it can forget about a Congress-less country.

    P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, US

    Vinod Rai talks as if the UPA government was obligated to respond to his report. The report is tabled in Parliament and it is up to the House to decide to accept or act on it. It’s not a prestige issue, sir.

    Rajesh, Phoenix, US

    For officers like Vinod Rai, ideology supercedes nation. He is just sensationalising an issue to discredit the Congr­ess and help the BJP. I dare him to make a statement that Manmohan Singh was a beneficiary of the 2G scam.

    Nasar Ahmed, Karaikkudi

    Many senior UPA leaders ridiculed Rai about the loss figures in the 2G case, but I’m glad that he stuck to his guns. As for Manmohan, it’s sad to see how his reputation, built assiduously over the years, has been so tarnished.

    M.M. Gurbaxani, Bangalore

    ‘Maun’mohan Singh should be tried for treason, no less, for acting as accomplice to the biggest heist this country has seen.

    Sandilya, Chennai

    History may not spare Manmohan even the coalition dha­rma excuse, for even on the economic, political and diplomatic fronts he virtually took the country into a coma.

    H.C. Pandey, Delhi

    As the scams show, there is a pattern to what’s killing our institutions—we appoint med­iocre men who then surround themselves with thieves and sycophants. This lethal combination has brought the country to its knees.

    Dinesh Kumar, Chandigarh

    The PM’s is an executive post, not an advisory one. Manmohan should have acted and taken responsibility, not just stayed mum, played innocent.

    S. R. Prabhu, Alappuzha

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