Letters | Apr 28, 2014
  • The Poll Curry Is On The Boil
    Apr 28, 2014

    Please don’t be taken in by the punditry on Indian electi­ons; poll pundits are almost always wrong, given that their conclusions are arrived at in the big cities and not in the hinterland (The Next Station, April 14). You cannot, therefore, count on Modi sweeping this election; the middle-class voter you have spoken to probably does not even go out and vote. Now, let me hazard a prediction. Modi, in all probability, will do much worse than the pundits expect; the Congress will do slightly better than the decimation predicted for it; the AAP will probably do better than expected though not like it did in the Delhi assembly polls. An AAP-Congress-led coalition government is the most likely scenario.

    Kishore Kant, Delhi

    Though it is difficult to assess the exact influences and iss­ues playing on the mind of the electorate, certain things are clear, going by the outcome of the recent state elections. The traditional politics of poverty, identity, doles failed to win vot­ers, who crossed all dividing lines in reelecting govern­m­ents which delivered on dev­elopment and governance.

    M.C. Joshi, Lucknow

    Given the rate at which Outlook is going about analysing the right, left and centre of Modi’s brain, I won’t be surprised if Wendy Doniger psychoanalyses him next.

    Akash Verma, Chennai

    These Lok Sabha elections are extremely crucial. It is about our battle for safeguarding democracy and the country’s secular fabric. The BJP, which is so desperate to grab power, is today manned by RSS fanatics. They do not stand for secularism and do not care about democratic values. The BJP has even muzzled and manipulated most of the press. Unless freedom of speech and tolerance of all communities prevail, there cannot be justice and equality in any society. Narendra Modi needs to reveal the source of the thousands of crores he has spent over the last year in his dream to be prime minister. The people of India will not be fooled. India will win.

    Aires Rodrigues, Goa

    First they said Modi won’t become Gujarat chief minister. He did. Then they said he won’t win the Gujarat election. He did. Then they said he won’t win the second election. He did. Then they said he won’t be appointed election in-charge for 2014. He was. Then they said he won’t be appointed PM nominee. He has been. Now they’re saying he won’t become PM....

    Arun Kumar, Hyderabad

    The women in the inside cover picture have grim faces because Big Brother is watching them (Modi in the poster).

    V.N.K. Murti Pattambi, Naduvattam, Kerala

    The corpse of democracy is being taken for cremation with much razzle and dazzle.

    Kishore Dasmunshi, Calcutta

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