Letters | Nov 25, 2013
  • Held Hostage
    Nov 25, 2013

    Apropos Bullets to the Crown (November 11) riveting account, the detailed, heart-stopping narrative and the paean to the unsung heroes of the day.

    Anwaar, Dallas

    It’s a pity the woes of the rich at the Taj interested the authors more than the travails of those attacked and killed outside the Taj complex, particularly those ordinary commuters mowed down mercilessly and blindly on the platforms of cst the same day.

    R.V. Subramanian, Gurgaon

    I saw two documentaries—one on the 26/11 attacks and one on Headley—on public television in the US. Both were based on ser­ious journalistic research with scores of interviews of relevant people in India, US and Pakistan and cctv footage and other documents used by the investigative agencies. Now I read the excerpts from this book, which reads like a novel but is based on painstaking res­earch. It’s a pity these filmmakers and journalists who have done thorough research on a terro­r attack in India are not Indians, all foreigners. I wish our journalists too were willing to put in such hard work. It appears they do not intend to give up the comforts of sensational reporting without verification of facts, reporting “brea­king news” and bold headlines without any content to follow up and expressing opinions on TV channels that are loud, but with very little content.

    DC, New York

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