• One for Sorrow
    Aug 12, 2013

    Kudos on the stinging cover story (Leech Fields, Jul 29); it managed to bring out the heartless, opportunistic nat­ure of our politicians, irrespective of party affiliations. Within a few decades, they have managed to transform what was once a heavenly hamlet into an infants’ graveyard. One of their callous statements is that the situation in Attappady will take time to change, parroted by various regimes off and on. Even CM Oommen Chandy, distracted as he is by the ‘solar scam’, seems to going down the same road.

    Rajendran Narayanan, Palakkad

    All that was good about Kerala has now come to naught. The state is now under the firm grip of the water tanker mafia, real estate mafia and sundry other miscreants. It’s now the devil’s own country.

    K.P. Rajan, Mumbai

    Attappady is indeed the Mal­ayalam for leech fields! The article remi­nds me of a cartoon where an adventurer meets a native for the first time and tells him, ‘You missed out on 2,000 years of civilisation.’ To which he res­ponds, ‘You discovered this now?’

    M. Sankunny Menon, Palakkad

    For a moment, after Mandela, I thought Outlook was doing a cover story on Somalia.

    V.N.K. Murti, Pattambi

    Sometimes I wonder what Kerala’s indices would be without the Gulf remittances.

    Ashok Lal, Mumbai

    When the political class bec­omes the privileged class, it’s to be expected that they start enjoying the hunger games.

    Dinesh Kumar, Chandigarh

    One request. Please don’t put such horrific photographs on the cover even if the article itself is well-meaning. It puts one off completely.

    Sangeeta Rao, Delhi

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