Letters | Jul 15, 2013
  • The Wrath of Rivers
    Jul 15, 2013

    It’s surprising that the Outlook edition of July 1 does not say a word about the natural calamity that struck Uttarakhand and caused unprecedented havoc. Probably, the editors thought the assessment of best professional colleges should be given priority. The colleges bumper pack could have been delayed by a week, but a leading newsmagazine sho­uld have covered a natural disaster of such magnitude.

    G.S. Rao, Bangalore

    Thanks Outlook for managing to put together a great package on the Uttarakhand tragedy, even as it was unfolding. Looks like it’s time for us to start looking within and resolve not to abuse nature.

    Srinivas Shastri, Bangalore

    Thanks for the great Uttarakhand exclusive! Lessons can be learnt from a disaster, then used for future reference, so that a future calamity kills fewer people. Pre-warning, alertness during monsoons, and other safety measures and emergency provisions must be considered. Better records can be made, and entry for the char dham yatra can be sparingly given, something like at Amarnath.

    S.S. Almal, Calcutta

    Apropos Bludgeoned by Water, politicians have always looked to profit from development. Contracts, if not allotted agai­nst bribes, are awarded to businessmen friends or family members in business.

    Dinesh Kumar, Chandigarh

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