Letters | Jun 17, 2013
  • A Whole 100 Watts
    Jun 17, 2013

    Your cover story on Bangalore as the hub of ideas (Bangalore for Your Buck, Jun 3) was all very impressive and inspiring, and the young entrepreneurs should be commended. However, almost none of these start-ups deal with the infrastructural issues that beset Bangalore, be it of power generation, water supply or garbage collection. Also, they are mostly IT-related ventures. What about manufacturing and industry? India needs that as much as, if not more than, IT or e-commerce. The latter have to rest on something, not on themselves. Outlook should concentrate on impressive new start-ups in the area of manufacturing/production, be it automotive, rail, telecom, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather, electrical equipment, machinery or machine tools.

    Varun Shekhar, Toronto

    If Bangalore was first the IT capital of India, then the outsourcing hub and now the start-up destination for those with an idea, it’s not by any accident but because of government patronage, corporate support and the relentless hard work and acumen of its educa­ted class. It’s this enterprising, innovative and inquisitive spi­rit that will take India by storm, sooner or later.

    M.Y. Shariff, Chennai

    Bangalore is brimming not just with ideas but also with the enthusiasm and grit to execute them. The city is open to innovation and offers myriad opp­ortunities to the enterprising.

    K.C. Kumar, Bangalore

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