Letters | May 27, 2013
  • How UPA Fractured Its Mandate
    May 27, 2013

    It has been a misconception held by the elite and propaga­ted by the media that Manmohan Singh is an honest and upright man (A General Practitioner, May 13). He is a cunning politician, who knows which side his bread is buttered. A man without a popular base cannot even be elected as a ward member of his village. Manmohan managed to reach India's highest post thanks to his loyalty to the World Bank, IMF et al. He has no spine of his own, he can crawl when asked to bend. He has been per­fect for Sonia Gandhi, who needed a robot more than a PM.

    Somasekhara Sarma, on e-mail

    Why do we keep getting surprised by incompetent people being put in charge of serious ministries? Have we forgotten Shivraj Patil? This comes of having a dynasty. Why pick on Manmohan Singh, except that he chooses to be a part of it?

    M.K. Saini, Delhi

    We should thank Manmohan Singh for being the architect of Congress’s complete demolition. Wait for 2014.

    Arjuna Bahadur, on e-mail

    So Outlook has finally seen the light. We mortals could fathom this ages back—that Manmohan’s regime was consistent with corruption. However, he still remains the decent outsi­der with a sense of values, while Sonia, Rahul and their coterie seem to have their hands in the cookie jar. After all, we know that the coal fields were allotted by Ahmed Patel.

    Sanjay Mittal, Delhi

    Let the BJP get the Modi faction to reconcile with the LKA faction, and the Sushma faction with the Jaitley faction, come to an agreement with superboss rss, and step out and get like-min­ded parties such as the Shiv Sena to get a PM candidate finalised and then get him approved by Nitish whereupon Sharad Yadav will throw the proposal aside and they can start from scratch again. Let’s talk governance after that.

    Venkat, Erode

    When he cut his political teeth in 1991 on being appointed the fin­ance minister, it began with the subterfuge of being an ‘ordinary resident’ in Assam. From then onwards, his progress in political life has been marked by obfuscation, rationalisations and outright lies.

    H.R. Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore

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