Letters | Sep 10, 2012
  • Shedunnit... She Asked to Be Killed
    Sep 10, 2012

    It is unfortunate that more and more women are getting lured by scoundrels in high places—it’s ambition, the call of fame and/or money (Sugardaddy Whodunnit, Aug 27). They are willing to live dangerously, throwing caution to the winds. More often than not, it’s their own doing that leads them to a ‘dead end’. However, it is not always the woman who meets such a fate. Remember badminton player Syed Modi’s murder in Lucknow?

    Amrita Muttoo, on e-mail

    What drives urban, progressive, educated and professionally qualified women towards assuming the role of the ‘other woman’ in a relationship? Are there ambitions and circumstances so compelling that you’re lured thus by high-profile crooks, despite fully knowing the risks in such a relationship?

    Gitika Saxena, Mumbai

    Unfortunately, most of these women had one thing in common: they all entered their relationships knowing fully well what they were up against.

    Sudhir Kumar Bisht, Delhi

    Be it Indian politics or films, false promises are an irresistible bait that lures many a woman to an inglorious end.

    Ramachandran Nair, Oman

    What amazes me is that Geetika’s family had no problem with her relationship with Gopal Kanda as long as it was profitable. They’re as responsible for her ending her life.

    Ramesh Raghuvanshi, Pune

    When a high-profile politician-cum-businessman appoints a 23-year-old woman as a director of a company, it’s rather naive of the woman to accept it as recognition of her ability. I’m not justifying what Kanda did, but I’m equally perplexed by how Geetika could fall for such a trap.

    Rajesh Chary, Mumbai

    The use of good looks and sex to entrap powerful people is as old as human civilisation itself. That the seducers are usually successful makes this a preferred route for the power-hungry. For every unfortunate Geetika Sharma or Bhanwari Devi, there are far too many men and women who have used sexual favours to reap benefits.

    Ganesh Natrajan, Isere, France

    Ignoring the deceptive tactics of powerful men, the aggrieved women and their families welcome consensual liaisons as long as they bring name, fame and money. However, these liaisons turn sour and dangerous when the expectations of the woman crosses the man’s own ‘lakshmanrekha’.

    Pramod Srivastava, New Delhi

    Women have to realise that true empowerment and progress can come only through work and education, not sex.

    Bahu Virupaksha, Pondicherry

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