Letters | Jan 09, 2012
  • A Kapil of Errors
    Jan 09, 2012

    Kapil Sibal, in his corpulent smugness, encapsulates all that is wrong with this UPA regime. Just hark back to the fiasco of sending Anna to Tihar, or declaring there was no scam in 2G. This is the new style of governance, the government that can launch a thousand paunches!

    Nirmal Kumar, on e-mail

    And this man holds the future of education in this country. Scary, isn’t it? He lost a lot of respect during the Anna Hazare agitation, but now he has forfeited whatever respect he had left, just to score a few brownie points with Mrs G. First, he should get next year’s Nobel for economics for proving ‘1,76,000 crore = zero’. Then he should get the Nobel peace prize for spreading harmony in the world by trying to censor everything objectionable about everyone.

    Pankaj Jethi, Jagadhri

    I had quite a laugh after a long time. Is this what Sibal wants to censor? This kind of lampooning was very much in the public space before the Election Commission put a ban on defacing of walls during elections.

    Narendra Kaushik, Gurgaon

    As they say, “vinaasha kaale vipreeta buddhi”. When the end (or destruction) nears, people go crazy. This is what is happening with the government. They can police the internet but they cannot police minds; people will continue to think what they already do. So what if they cannot express it on the internet? They will find some other media.

    Alakshyendra, Hyderabad

    There is stuff out there which stinks. There is stuff out there which I would not like to see done on me. In an open medium like the internet it could be technologically possible to issue a rebuttal. So if there is a doctored photo of me, I should have the right to tell the website owner that he/she please also include a denial from me.

    Gul Ramani, Dusseldorf

    Mr Sibal, your comments are causing a “riot” on the internet here. It makes a perfect case for calling in the cops!

    K.M.K. Mohan, Visakhapatnam

    Kapil Sibal is just a desperate publicity-monger, the average Congress sycophant. His sole concern is to get the best he can as long as the good times last, with a little help from friends in the media who are part of the sycophancy food chain. But, of course, when so much gloss is applied over idiots pretending to be indulging in intellectual debates, even slowpokes look smart.

    K.P. Ganesh, Bangalore

    On finding the morphed and distorted images of his party’s goddess and god on the web, a devout Kapil ‘Zero Loss’ Sibal felt dutybound to react.

    Pramod Srivastava, New Delhi

    There is a flip side to all this blind veneration of new media. Unverified and baseless data proliferates online, becoming quotable “truths” in the course of time, reference material for establishing even non-existent truths. You know what they say about repeated lies.

    R.V. Subramanian, Gurgaon

    Why so much hullabaloo and heartburn about morphed pictures? Political cartoons have always been around. Obviously, the degree of decency and satire has come down to gutter level, but then which stream of public life has maintained quality and decency?

    Lopamudra, Mumbai

    The content that Sibal seems to have taken offence to is at best in bad taste but not offensive or illegal. Vinod Mehta better be watching out! Years ago, Cho Ramaswamy, editor, Thuglak, published near-naked photos of Sita and Rama. The idea was only to show the tableaus used by some Dravida Kazhagam procession condemning Hindu gods and goddesses. But it was Cho who was arrested for publishing obscene pictures!

    Col C.V. Venugopalan (retd), Palakkad

    Looks like the government is fast running out of friend requests and existing ones like Mamata are fast unfriending them. Maybe that is why they have decided to tweak the privacy settings on their profile.

    Rahul Mudholkar, Pune

    How come the Congress, via Kapil Sibal’s recent comments on curbing net freedom, has done such a volte-face on its traditionally established stand that in India painters like M.F. Husain and writers like A.K. Ramanujan can draw, paint or write blatantly blasphemous material against religious icons and deities? By the way, will I be jailed for saying what I have, Mr Sibal? Readers, please bail me out if indeed I am.

    Yogeet Sharma, Jaipur

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