Letters | Oct 10, 2011
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    Oct 10, 2011

    Our MBA programmes help only a select few (The Buzz in the B-Hive, Sept 26). What India needs is a mass ‘street- smart’ MBA programme, which benefits large sections of society. In the US, they have a few thousand lists, rather than just just a few dozen, when they are ranking mba programmes. Outlook should change its selection criteria. On another note, why the state has to spend precious tax money on an exercise which finally benefits only a select few mncs is beyond my comprehension. If the IIMs were so great, then let private industry pay for them.

    Shailesh, Bridgewater, US

    The IIM graduates of today are not a patch on earlier ones. If calibre is the only criteria, only 10-15 per cent would be deserving. Funnily, it’s the quota system for caste, women and weightage for non-engineers and plus-two marks et al, that keeps deserving candidates out. As for the faculty, a majority is not competent to teach at IIMs. They are responsible for destroying admission criteria.

    Ramakrishnan, New York

    This unholy triad of shysters, bean counters and pencil-pushers has pushed our world to the brink of eternal damnation. On the one hand, an mba’s worth is decided by the amount of consumerism he ushers in and then Outlook hopes he’ll fight the good fight against corruption. As Mr Boycott would say, this is “bloooody roobish”.

    Anoop Hosmath, Mysore

    How many times will you dole out the same stuff on the same topic? Waste of hundred pages.

    S.G. Valluri, Bangalore

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