Letters | Feb 28, 2011
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    Feb 28, 2011

    When Karunanidhi is supporting tainted ex-minister A. Raja (Raja, A King Pinned,Feb 14) and seems confident that he will come out clean, one doubts whether the Congress really wants the truth in the 2G scam to come out. The onus is on people like Dr Subramanian Swamy and the opposition to ensure that the investigation of this scam takes its proper course. If they fail, only two options will be open to us: change India’s motto to ‘asatyameva jayate’, or allow ‘revolution’ to establish ‘dharma’.

    Somasundaram, Chennai

    Our extremely honest puppet at the helm perhaps thinks that if he resigns, not only will he be accepting responsibility for the several scams of two upa terms, he will also be letting the country go to the dogs, for, after all, he’s what the country needs most.

    Prasad, Bangalore

    Raja’s just a sailor who fell off the pirate ship; the captain’s still on board, with the booty.

    K.J. John, Baroda

    Your cover story on A. Raja was interesting. In arresting Raja and his associates, the Congress has taken a gamble, for the 2G scam investigation is a minefield that could lead to an implosion in the next elections. That said, it must be pointed out that Raja could not have been alone in the scam, considering the numerous corporate interests involved. Besides, Raja could have been made a scapegoat to keep some top leaders in the upa safe. In India, the formula that drives governance is: politics brings power and power brings riches. Unless this changes, through the entry of honest young people, there is no guarantee that millions of crores of rupees of public money will not continue to be lost.

    Manu Kumar Lal, Gurgaon

    What a bunch of hypocrites we are as a nation. We have perfected the art of corruption and none of us can absolve ourselves of participation in that process. As a people, we have forgotten what law and order means; and, deservingly, we have a leadership that considers itself above the law. It’s time the common man abandoned the excuse of ‘sabhi toh karte hain’ and decided to change things. For our opposition is no better than those in power at present. And what has the opposition really done but waste time by holding up Parliament? I feel sorry for Dr Manmohan Singh, for now people mock his integrity.

    Firoz H. Cooper, Mumbai

    Why has the government taken so long to get A. Raja arrested? Surely so that he got enough time to clean up all evidence. Even Sukh Ram, of the infamous telecom scam of the ’90s, got away, though fat stashes of currency were found in his house. So I can bet my last rupee that Raja too will walk scot-free.

    Ravi, on e-mail

    At last A. Raja is where he should have been long ago—behind bars. Probably there is so much evidence against him, even the cbi, which is reporting to the Supreme Court on this, cannot let him walk away.

    Padmini Raghavendra, Secunderabad

    When the judiciary itself is facing a crisis of credibility, is it any good for it to monitor investigations into scams?

    Mehul Dabhi, Paris

    The Indian scenario can be summarised as C-cubed: cricket, controversy, corruption.

    Mohammed Wakeek Ansari, Indiana, US

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