Letters | Dec 20, 2010
  • Someone’s Gotta Give
    Dec 20, 2010

    There are many Niira Radias around (Niira, Of Two Eyes, Dec 6). Retired bureaucrats, relatives of judges, sons-in-law of politicians—all are in the power-patronage game, promising to get work done, at a hefty price. This one got caught. But many others—agents who get licences, move files in government offices, get affidavits made, loans sanctioned—they will thrive on, outside the media glare.

    Dinesh Kumar, Chandigarh

    Niira Radia = Politics + Corporate + Media. Man you got to agree that she has stuff!

    N.Y. Root, Hyderabad

    You must admire the woman. I say Niira Radia for foreign minister. Let her practise her wiles on diplomats of all countries.

    Cdr Arun Visvanathan, Chennai

    What a cracker of a story and a cracker of a lady!

    R. Roy, Birmingham, UK

    The 2G scam is nothing but exaggeration and fabrication by the media. Many big names are coming out, but the situation is being used by some unseen corporate hands for their own benefit. It is noteworthy that only a lady is being targeted in the last few weeks. Unless something is proved, how can you publicly discuss a person’s background? Niira Radia has been a social worker and has selflessly devoted her personal time towards the upliftment and benefit of the underprivileged. She has done a lot of social work together with Shri Pejawara Swamiji in Karnataka. Whatever has been published in the article is nothing but a bunch of completely motivated lies at the behest of her competitors and vested interests. The writers appear to be pseudo-secular heroes of the media which seems to be on a rampage against her. It only shows how journalists are on the books of corporates.

    Dr K. Giridhar, Bangalore

    I don’t understand what interest reporters and editors have in publishing the personal story of a person (Niira Radia) along with a photo of Shri Pejawara Swamiji. Even the tapes—related to a personal conversation between Tata and Niira—have little about the scam. As for Niira’s friendships with high-profile personalities, all it shows is that she is a powerful and very successful lobbyist.

    G.K. Satyamurthy, Bangalore

    The larger fallout of her lobbying notwithstanding, Niira Radia comes across as an extremely competent PR professional. What is of concern is that with politicians, bureaucrats and even journalists lobbying for corporates, the ordinary Indian is left with hardly anyone to speak for him.

    P. Prasand Thampy, Thiruvalla, Kerala

    Will Niira use her skills in manipulating the government and politicians to worm her way out of this imbroglio? Will the corporates who supported her come out in the open and denounce her means to justify their ends? Will the Congress, bjp and other parties realise that Nitish Kumar and the much-hated Narendra Modi run governments that deliver to people? Will the “icons” of journalism stay out of journalism till they go through some internal cleansing? Will the very public nature of the Radia tapes be questioned by the advocates of privacy?

    V. Krishnan, Pune

    Lobbying comes in handy when clear-cut procedures do not work in fixing a deal. The unsettling part about the whole affair is not lobbying as such but the extent to which it can influence decision-makers and policy. Radia seems to have played to the gallery in fulfilling her business ambitions.

    Sunil Kumar, Delhi

    Whichever astrologer advised Niira Radia on a second “eye” failed to anticipate this disaster, I guess.

    Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu, Taiwan

    I can’t help but admire the woman.

    Vaz, Sterling, US

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