Letters | Sep 27, 2010
  • Sep 27, 2010

    The recent upheavals in Pakistani cricket are sad (Hell, High Water, And Now This..., Sep 13), and that too for a sport with such a fanatic following. If we want cricket to be really cleansed, the players (at least in India where even B-players are crorepatis) must be sensitised to get involved in some form of social service. Only this can change the perception of the game from what it is now.

    Rahul Mudholkar, Pune

    I can’t believe you people are still wasting your breath over cricket, a minor organised criminal activity which has long given up all serious attempts to project itself as a genuine sport. And do any of you really think our bcci team isn’t involved in match-fixing? If so, there’s this nice golden brick I’d like to sell you.

    Biswapriya Purkayastha, Shillong

    I would still watch cricket. Spot-fixers will come and go, the game will go on forever.

    Aditya Mookerjee, Belgaum

    Now every series will be an ‘Ashes’, as the game is burning at the stake, nay pitch. Statistics will now reveal altogether new facts: the lower the strike rate, greater the offer; catches dropped will indicate money pocketed; no-balls will be yes-signs for wire transfers! The game is dead, long live the spirit!

    S.R. Devaprakash, Tumkur

    It’s unfair to blame Aamer and the others. For too long, Pakistan has borne the brunt of its politicians’ antics. Naturally, the general malaise has infected the game and its players. As it is, it was always difficult for them to earn a livelihood.

    Sanjay Ranade, Pune

    Sarfaraz Nawaz is right, the humble background of the guilty does not absolve them. Pakistan high commissioner Wajat Shamsul Hassan’s blunderbuss is symptomatic of the Pakistan establishment’s cavalier approach to the crisis.

    Srinath, Hyderabad

    Unless all member-countries agree with the icc and initiate speedy and stringent legal procedures against offenders, the problem won’t disappear. Incidentally, do laws even exist in all the member-countries to rein in this illegal activity?

    Sita Subramanian, Chennai

    Some of the official Pakistani reactions have been ridiculous. The same myopia was seen when 26/11 happened. Unless Pakistan opens its eyes, it will always be a state on the verge.

    Rajesh Chary, Mumbai

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