• Stop purchasing China made goods and this will be reduce 10:1 negative Trade balance .Why to fatten a bully ?

    Jul 24, 2017 08:01 AM GHAI, mumbai, india
  • Bihar’s Grand Alliance led by Nitish Kumar is on the brink of crumbling in the wake of the FIR lodged by the CBI in a land-for-hotel case against Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, the Deputy CM of the state, refusing to resign from the post. The tug of war between Lalu Prasad’s insistence on Tejashwi to continue as the Deputy and JDU’s consistant demand to oust him has reached its climax.

    Most of the political analysts and experts have started conjecturing that the cookie will inevitably crumble. If Tejashwi quits, there is every possibility of the RJD ministers to resign en masse and choose to support the Nitish dispensation from outside leading to a lame-duck government. On the other hand, Nitish Kumar’s unequivocal stance of zero tolerance on corruption will not allow him to continue Tejashwi as the Deputy. It will surely damage his anti-corruption image. If such a situation arises, the JDU has reportedly hinted that Nitish Kumar may prefer to resign himself.

    Needless to say, the BJP is looking forward to get the opportunity of this situation eying on the Lok Sabha polls, 2019. The party has already promised to extend its support to save the Nitish government if the RJD withdraws support. The LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan has advised Nitish Kumar to switch to the NDA. On the other hand, the Congress is straining its every nerve to keep the ‘Mahagotbandhan’ intact.

    But it is not easy for Nitish Kumar to return to the NDA which is controlled by the BJP led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. His party seceded from NDA mainly on the issues of communalism and Modi’s projection as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Therefore, if Nitish chooses to return to the NDA, it will damage his secular image when communal disharmony has posed a grave outlook all over the country under the NDA government led by Narendra Modi. Needless to say, Nitish Kumar is also between Scylla and Charybdis in the present political situation in Bihar.     

    Jul 24, 2017 07:45 AM Buddhadev Nandi, Bishnupur, Bishnupur
  • The anguished BSP supreomo Mayawati’s decision to tender her resignation as a Rajya Sabha member to the RS chairman Hamid Ansari is a political gambit to regain her lost image as the savior of the Dalit of the country. Since the Lok Sabha elections, 2014 her party has been dwindling down. The BSP’s nationwide vote share declined from over 6% to 4.1% and the party failed to win a single seat in the Lok Sabha polls, 2014. In the UP Assembly elections, 2017, her party secured only 19 seats down from 80 in 2012.

    On the other hand, the BJP deviating from its so called upper caste Hindutva, could woo the Dalit voters. The BJP’s unprecedented tally dwarfed the opposition by weaning away the non-Jatav Dalits from the BJP. The BSP could win only two of the 84 seats reserved for Dalits in the state and lost most of its traditional seats. Even in Agra, the so-called Dalit capital, the BSP scored nil. To the utter disappointment of the party, even Mayawati does not have enough MLAs to get herself re-nominated to the RS when her term ends next year.

    But the recent gruesome incidents of atrocity on the Dalits and the Muslims perpetrated by the cow vigilantes have created a space of intolerance with the BJP’s upper caste Hinduva exposing its teeth and nails once again. Mayawati has, without hesitation, been pro-active to grab this golden opportunity. Besides, her anti-BJP move has naturally evoked wholehearted support from RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, the staunch opposition of the BJP, offering her to get elected in the RS next time. Thus, the BSP supremo has killed two birds in one stone. Above all, Mayawati projecting herself in the central point of the stormy beginning of the Monsoon session of the Parliament must attract attention of the national politics.

    Jul 24, 2017 07:29 AM Buddhadev Nandi, Bishnupur, Bishnupur
  • UP government has made a great decision. Linking aadhar card with smart ration card can eliminate the people who are corrupting the rules. Here in tamil nadu , tnepds also made a great move by. also the income tax made a great change in link aadhar card with pan card online.

    Jul 23, 2017 11:11 PM Dinesh Sliva, Hyderabad, India
  • As consider this, the rajasthan government has also launched a new web portal for the users in india has apna khata where we can check the land records and other details as well.

    Jul 23, 2017 11:07 PM Dinesh Sliva, Hyderabad, India
  • Tamil nadu - made a really great move by replacing the normal ration cards to smart ration card tnpds has done a smart move. At TNPDS website we can apply for smart ration card,even we can track the status of the application.

    Jul 23, 2017 11:04 PM Dinesh Sliva, Hyderabad, India
  • The article rightly  mirrors up the present flawed banking system which tends to shift its burden of "Jan dhan" and the humongous NPA on to the shoulders of the gullible customers. The globalisation policies prescribe  deregulation and merger of banks to wriggle out of the burden of NPA which is the off-shoot of the reluctance of dithering big houses to repay. Ironically ,NDA is seen treading on the economic path of UPA.  Should not the centre pay heed to the alarm signal of CAG which suggested recovery of six lac crores from eight business houses ? The plea for waiver of pyquine agriculture loan gathers dust, while Mallaya exploits the chinks in banking system. When our neighbour countries like Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh could list the defaulters, the enfeebled India stands with crossed fingers.  History has shown  that the  Indian banks  withstood tsunami of global melt down, contrary to the deregulated western peers like Laymen brothers, and Bank of England who were washed away. The state of depositor's carrying  the cross of  burden of service charges is wholly unjustifiable and the banks have to revisit their options. The bank staff's union has sounded tocsin for observing strike shortly to salvage.        

    Jul 23, 2017 04:59 PM C.Chandrasekaran, Madurai, India
  • Binaca geet maala be wapsi aaya tho kitna achha tha!!!

    Jul 23, 2017 04:43 PM V.N.K.Murti Pattambi, PATTAMBI, India
  • We have already lost the prcious lives of hundreds of soldiers.
    And still we are in reminding Mode. This reminds me the famous
    quote from an earlier Prime minister: "Nani yaad karadenge"!!!!

    Jul 23, 2017 04:38 PM V.N.K.Murti Pattambi, PATTAMBI, India
  • As a child and while growing up I heared and read many Bank robbery stories.
    But now in the evening of my life, I hear stories of Public sector Bank Fleecing!!!

    Jul 23, 2017 04:32 PM V.N.K.Murti Pattambi, PATTAMBI, India
  • As a child and while growing up I heared and read many Bank robbery stories.
    But now in the evening of my life, I hear stories of Public sector Bank Fleecing!!!

    Jul 23, 2017 04:32 PM V.N.K.Murti Pattambi, PATTAMBI, India
  • Congress not able to capitalise on BJP's failures, what had been the gain post demonetization, have the tax revenues gone-up really? has the gst brought down prices at all? post these 2 significant recent events, it is more/less same reveune generation for centre - not even maintaing CPI inflationary growth[not considering one-off accumulation]. Why not PC or JR not articulating with figures in public forums? Congress has to come out of BJP's rheotoric, talk and articulate in figures/statistics. what ever spend happening is by virtue of optimization eg. in welfare by using aadhar/digitalization thus preventing leakage etc.

    Jul 23, 2017 03:21 PM krishna prasad, bangalore, india
  • Congress' decline started with disastrous & illogical AP bifurcation that Congress conducted. It is a curse. As regards national politics, Congress lost it's game. for it to raise head again, it has to play street politics, English speaking, polished RG has to transform himself into a street politician travelling in dusty north/south Indian rural/semi-rural to win peoples' confidence. he has to speak street language. 

    Jul 23, 2017 03:15 PM krishna prasad, bangalore, india
  • Abdullahs and Congress under Rajiv Gandhi rule when Pantdits were kicked out from Kashmir .

    Now dim wit Rahul says Modi burned the Kashmir .

    Jul 23, 2017 06:47 AM GHAI, mumbai, india
  • These f@@kin Indiam banks are following the Canadian and American banks which fleece customers and charge for every little transaction and blindly screw the customers

    Jul 23, 2017 03:39 AM Prakash Joseph, Oakville, Canada


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