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Lok Sabha 2009 Haryana : Faridabad - Prithla

The election for the Assembly constituency of Prithla for the Faridabad Parliamentary Constituency in Haryana was held among 14 parties. It had 23 candidates contesting for a total of 76,696 votes.

Ramchander Bainda from party BJP managed to win in this assembly segment by securing 25,510 votes who was followed by Chetan Sharma from BSP and Ramchander Bainda from BJP. Ramchander Bainda also won in 3 assembly constituencies of Faridabad Parliamentary constituencies (but lost in 7 assembly constituencies)

The votes secured by Ramchander Bainda amounted to 33.26%of the total votes secured by the all parties in the mentioned Parliamentary Constituency.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes
Ramchander Bainda BJP 25,510
Avtar Singh Bhadana INC 24,125
Chetan Sharma BSP 19,337
Chander Bhatia HJCBL 3,494
Yash Pal Nagar IND 885
Nisar Ahmed RND 646
Subhash RWS 347
Gajender Pratap Bhadana AIFB(S) 321
Brij Bhushan IND 303
Sahi Ram Rawat IND 260
Samsuddin IND 192
Rekha Singh SMBHP 187
Teeka Ram Hooda IND 173
Devinder JJJKMC 138
Avtar Singh IND 137
Suraj Bhan RJAP 124
Lata Rani SP 108
Harsh Bhatia IND 106
Babu Lal JUP 74
Mukesh Kumar Joshi AIRP 70
Sukhbir Singh IND 55
Sunder Singh IND 53
Dr K P Singh IND 51

Party Performance

  • BJP
  • INC
  • BSP
  • Others


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