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Lok Sabha 2004 Gujarat : Gandhinagar - Asarwa

The election for the Assembly constituency of Asarwa for the Gandhinagar Parliamentary Constituency in Gujarat was held among 6 parties. It had 13 candidates contesting for a total of 81,862 votes.

Gabhaji Mangaji Thakor from party INC managed to win in this assembly segment by securing 40,434 votes who was followed by Gabhaji Mangaji Thakor from INC and Sunil Shah from IND. Gabhaji Mangaji Thakor also won in 4 assembly constituencies of Gandhinagar Parliamentary constituencies (but lost in 4 assembly constituencies)

The votes secured by Gabhaji Mangaji Thakor amounted to 49.39%of the total votes secured by the all parties in the mentioned Parliamentary Constituency.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes
Gabhaji Mangaji Thakor INC 40,434
L. K. Advani BJP 38,348
Sunil Shah IND 988
L. N. Medipally (Advocate) BSP 966
Vitthalbhai Pandya IND 467
Nizami Mahammad Aslam Ma SP 129
Brahmbhatt Sanjaybhai a IND 110
Patel Dipakkumar Gopald ABJS 87
Parmar Jivraj Mansukhbh IND 81
Imran Gulamnabi Ajmeri (n IND 71
Dudhatra Mukundbhai Gov IND 69
Khodabhai Laljibhai Desai IND 68
Arunbhai Swarupji Maru IND 44

Party Performance

  • INC
  • BJP
  • IND
  • Others


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