01 January 1970

Poem: On The Death Of Kindness

Poem: On The Death Of Kindness

Poet Pragya Bajpai paints a vivid picture of the condition of women in Iran, in light of the killing of Mahsa Amini, who died while in the custody of the nation's moral and religious police.

Iran hijab protests
Iran hijab protests Getty Images

Mehsa, did you hear 
the protest has erupted all over the west 
against the savage injustice, cold blood
and heartlessness
Protestors are killed but not defeated
We saw your ears profusely bled
at the hands of moral police
guilty of killing kindness
Up there, does it hurt any less?
You must be sleeping well
But here with death of consciousness
The spell is broken, the heaven has fallen,
your women are fighting hell
with no bomb, bullets or bayonets 
But undeniable oneness
and no pistol in hand
the fire's flaring up in your country land
gobbling scarves, hijabs 
and false prestige 
As cursing lips chant
"death to the dictator" in the streets of Tehran
Isn't it better to fight and die
than to let the unkind thrive 
Pray for your fierce women, dear Mehsa
Pray for justice to your soul
Wish them courage and tide in their head
Wish them fearlessness till the end
Iran is now a picture of rebellion 

(Pragya Bajpai, Ph.D. is a Central Government Officer serving at the prestigious National Defence Academy, India. She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from Banaras Hindu University. Her debut book titled A Potpourri of Proverbs, a collection of poems based on 51 English proverbs was published in 2021. Her poetry has appeared widely in national and international anthologies and journals. She has jointly edited 4 anthologies celebrating the armed forces. Her poetry is a way of reflecting on experiences and social life which covers psychological issues affecting people in general. She can be reached at pragyabajpai@gmail.com. Instagram: pragyabajpai29)