01 January 1970

Book Extract: A Journey Gone Wrong

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Book Extract: A Journey Gone Wrong

Gita Viswanath is a Baroda-based writer. She is the author of two novels - Twice it Happened, (2019) and A Journey Gone Wrong (2022). She is also the author of a non-fiction book, The ‘Nation’ in War: A Study of Military Literature and Hindi War Cinema, published by Cambridge Scholars, UK in 2014 as well as a children's book, Chidiya (2016).

A journey gone wrong...
A journey gone wrong... Getty Images

 (Vishwakarma Publications, 2022)

You have a lovely way of telling a story. Go on, Elena, Krishna appealed. 

Niccolo and Elena were my grandparents. Niccolo was the youngest son in the family. Krishna, do you get it? See, I am named after my grandmother – father's mom because I am the first daughter.

Krishna nodded, yes, yes, go on. 

She pulled his cheeks affectionately and said, I’m going on and on, mio caro, are you sleepy? 

No, dear, not at all, please carry on. 

One day, you have to tell me about your family.

Sure, sure, Krishna replied a bit diffidently. He didn't want to be reminded of home whenever he was with Elena. He wanted to feel like free-floating driftwood cut off from its trunk and forming an independent identity.