Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

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Hug yourself, because it is probably easier than finding love

A Simple Hug Matters

The worst discovery as a parent is that your child is having suicidal thoughts. But it’s not an impossible situation to manage. Staying calm, reconnecting and seeking help are the cornerstones to safety

11 September 2023
A Tribute On Teacher's Day (Representative Image)

My Best Teacher, My Mother

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I only want to say this – Ma, you’re the best teacher I had or will ever have.

10 September 2023
Students using Filo app for studying

Filling The Education Gap

The Filo app is transforming the lives of underprivileged students in government schools

08 September 2023
Long suspension foot bridge with silhouette of walking woman, bridge over deep valley in mountains

A Short-Story On A Teacher

Gunjan Joshi writes a short story on a widow teacher that changed lives of children around her.

07 September 2023
Indian Politics: 1946, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the Congress Party Leader in India (second right)

Creation Of ‘Juridical Ghetto’ For India’s Muslims And Maulana Azad: A Review

Maulana Azad’s failures in sustaining and multiplying his institutional experiments towards building up a cadre base of Ulama for his brand of politics through the Darul Irshad of Calcutta (1914), and the Madrasa Islamiya...

03 September 2023
A Pedestrian walks through flooded roads in South Chittagong, Bangladesh, in high-level water.

Climate Migrants In Bangladesh's Chittagong Are Living In Crisis

Many more climate migrants come to Chittagong and face new climate risks. Millions of people came to Chittagong in the last few decades from different areas of the coast of Bangladesh for the need of livelihood. Most of them...

03 September 2023
Photo: Getty Images

Book Review: Tan Twan Eng’s ‘The House Of Doors’

At one level, Tan Twan Eng's 'The House of Doors' deals with the life of the artist, looking for inspiration desperate to live up to the last success. At another it deals with patriarchy and possession.

02 September 2023
Photo: Getty Images

From Wordless Communication To Diverse Cultures, Here Are 3 Things I Learnt After Being To Over 50 Countries

Saania Saxena writes about her learnings from the people and places from her travels in more than 50 fifty countries across the world.

02 September 2023
Outlook cover: Performing Gender

Trans Visibility: Performing Gender

Why can't we give transgender people the dignity of visibility in cinema and other spaces? Does Taali perpetuate the stereotype that trans women are just men in drag? Or is acting free from the responsibility of...

31 August 2023

Poetry Review: The Collaboration That’s Brewery

When ‘Centre for Stories’, a project funded by the West Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, collaborated with Red River, the fantasy to see the union of production worlds in the...

27 August 2023
Credit: Getty Images

Troika And Other Poems

Here are six original and unpublished poems by Gopal Lahiri.

27 August 2023

Bengali Cuisine: Towards A Homogenising World

For a long time, it was a common trend among different food vlogs to prioritise fish delicacies in Bengal; however, there has been a shift recently.

27 August 2023
A stooped woman watches the eternal flame at the Armenian Genocide Memorial, Tsitsernakaberd

How An Indian’s Visit To Turkey Turned Into Search Of Answers For Population Transfer, Majoritarianisms, And Much More

History professor Mohammad Sajjad writes about the many questions that a trip to Turkey raised, which led him to write this piece in which he addresses the majoritarianism, Islamisation, and the systemic population transfers...

26 August 2023
Undated file photo of Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Remembering Filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Hrishikesh Mukherjee made quiet films about issues confronting the modest aspirations of the ordinary Indian middle-class. His narratives were simple, linear, and definite, and easy for the masses to understand who flocked...

26 August 2023
Inauguration of a Public Library in Narayanpur, Jamtara

Community Libraries Help Literacy Rate In Jharkhand See An Upward Trend

Jamtara district is the first one in the country to have a library in every village. Libraries are now being opened in all the districts

24 August 2023
Urdu novelist Ismat Chughtai

Ismat Chughtai: A Resounding Voice In Literature

Ismat Chughtai is a resounding voice in literature in India. She once said that she does not want to be buried after her death as burial is suffocating. She wanted to be cremated instead. Upon her death on 24 October 1991,...

21 August 2023
Sisyphus, Antonio Zanchi, c. 1660 - 1665

Struggling Is A Beautiful Thing!

Once wisdom shows us the futility of such pains, we become peaceful and guide others to heal themselves.

20 August 2023

Short Story: In Search Of New Homeland

After a week, our undergraduate classes started. Armaghan and I used to sit beside each other. He was very interested in literature and it wasn't my cup of tea in college. He had a passion for writing issues pertaining to...

13 August 2023
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Preserving Kashmir’s Literary Legacy: The Enduring Story Of Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad & Sons Publications

The history of Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad and Sons Taajraan-i-Kutub began with his grandfather, Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim, who hailed from a family with ties to Lahore, where he had a maternal house. He collected rare Persian...

12 August 2023
Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren and Outlook Editor Chinki Sinha discussing 'Indigeneity - A Way Of Life'

'It's A Long Fight For Adivasis': Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren In Conversation With Outlook

On day 2 of Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav, Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren and Outlook’s Editor-in-Chief Chinki Sinha held a discussion about the importance of recognising indigenous people and their way of life.

10 August 2023
Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav

Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav: Outlook Editor Chinki Sinha In Conversation With CM Hemant Soren - Watch LIVE

On the occasion of Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav, the Editor of Outlook India Chinki Sinha will have a conversation with Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren.

10 August 2023
The entrance of the Bhagwan Birsa Munda Smriti Udyan was decorated with tribal art.

Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav Kicks Off In Ranchi Celebrating India's Tribal Community

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony today, CM Soren expressed his pride for organising the Mahotsav and gave a clarion call to the country’s tribals to be united in their fight against destructive forces and religious...

09 August 2023

A Blast And Lost Love Letters

One day, the morning Didar (sight, glimpse) was accompanied by a gesture, a finger pointing to the foundation of the opposite house which had a stone missing.

06 August 2023
A scene from the play 'Siachen'

Cold Truth: ‘Siachen’ Brings The World’s Highest Battlefield And Many Questions To Mumbai’s Prithvi Theatre

A play set on the highest, coldest battlefield on earth, Siachen, questions the necessity of subjecting our soldiers to inhuman weather conditions. 

05 August 2023
Mughal-E-Azam, starring Dileep Kumar and Madhubala as Mughal prince Salim and court dancer Anarkali, remains one of the iconic Bollywood films.

Remembering ‘Mughal-E-Azam’, K Asif’s Magnum Opus And Bollywood’s Towering Moment

Mughal-E-Azam, released to unprecedented reception on August 5, 1960, ranks as one of Bollywood’s towering commercial and critical successes ever and makes for interesting debates and discussions over coffee, writes Balaji...

05 August 2023