Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

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A glossary of love

A Glossary Of Love, Romance, Relationships, And Intimacy

The new idea of love, romance, relationships and intimacy is gaining ground across India. But it is imperative to understand the deeper meaning of these concepts

02 August 2023
There is nothing wrong with being on a six-lane highway with fixed destinations.

A Proclamation Of Polyamory And Promiscuity

Consciously non-committal, purposefully non-possessive, and a decisively un-domesticated version of romance

02 August 2023
A young Hazara girl waits in the courtyard of an old mosque destroyed by the Taliban in 2018

A Refugee In A Foreign Land: A Short Story

A student belonging to the Hazara ethnic group in Afghanistan arrived in India before the Taliban takeover in 2021. He now yearns to go back home every single day

29 July 2023
Amjad Khan In Shatranj Ke Khiladi

Amjad Khan: Outside The Embers

On Amjad Khan’s 31st anniversary of passing, let us step around that urn of embers called Sholay that set Amjad’s career aglow and explore the shadow years before Gabbar Singh happened.

23 July 2023
A survivor walks through the ruins of atomic-bombed Hiroshima in August 1945.

Robert Oppenheimer, Manhattan Project And Venona

As Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer hits the screens, this article delves into how Soviet intelligence could succeed in penetrating into the US atomic bomb project, by taking advantage of its role as an American ally in the...

23 July 2023
‘Dostojee’ is the first Bengali film to make it to Times Square.

Prasun Chatterjee’s ‘Dostojee’, A Bengali Film You Might Not Have Heard Of, Is Winning Hearts The World Over

‘Dostojee’, after having a successful run in its native West Bengal and a short but impactful release in several Indian cities, ventured to North America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada....

22 July 2023
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Short Story: Great Spirits

Arun AK writes a short story for Outlook.

22 July 2023
Anindita Bose reviews film ‘Shibpur’

Film Review: Arindam Bhattacharya’s ‘Shibpur’ Has Universal Tone Of Injustice, Reality Of Bengal’s Shibpur

The striking fact of ‘Shibpur’ is that the director has been immensely successful in creating and establishing the central character of a woman whose metamorphosis from a simple Bengali housewife to lady mafia gang...

22 July 2023

Where Library And Museum Interact: Library Festival Aims To Look Beyond Digital-Physical Divide

The library festival with its objective to provide an accessible space to citizens also works a bridge between the past and the present - just like museums.

20 July 2023
A child sitting alone.

Lessons For A Young Girl

If you're a young girl all it takes is one gesture of love and yet your scarred mind rings an alarm in the deepest corners of your memory lane, and you realise something's wrong.

16 July 2023
In the farms

A Scared Farmer: An Urgent Plea to Protect Kashmir's Apple Industry

The apple industry, year after year, bears the remarkable responsibility of yielding a staggering production of over 20 lakh metric tonnes of this delectable fruit. Indeed, it is a fascinating reality that a significant...

16 July 2023
Chakku: Destiny’s Chosen Child

Short Story: 'Chakku', Destiny’s Chosen Child

While everyone around him called him ‘Destiny’s Favorite Child’ – he hated that phrase. But it was his mother’s using the phrase to describe him that made him livid.

16 July 2023
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Four Ghazals By Ammar Aziz

Ammar Aziz writes four English ghazals for Outlook.

15 July 2023
Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling In A Still From 'Barbie'

Inside The Barbie World

Directed by Greta Gerwig, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken respectively, alongside an ensemble supporting cast, ‘Barbie’ is the first live-action film after many computer-animated direct-to-video...

09 July 2023
Panelists at Bihar Museum Biennale at Bangalore

Exploring Representation Of Gender Through Museums At Bihar Museum Biennale In Bangalore

The who’s who of the Indian art world and architecture world, museums, and academicians were in attendance today. Speaking about audience and viewers, panellists further deliberate on how museums can use technology to...

08 July 2023
 Lata Mangeshkar Swar Kokila Awardee, Neetu Singh Nutan

Lata Mangeshkar Swar Kokila Awardee Neetu Singh Nutan At Bihar Museum Biennale In Bangalore

The panel at Bihar Museum Biennale, NGMA Bengaluru wrapped with an energetic performance by Lata Mangeshkar Swar Kokila Awardee, Neetu Singh Nutan. The singer moved her audience to sing and wave along the beats of her folk...

08 July 2023
Outlook Editor Chinki Sinha with the panelists at Bihar Museum Biennale in Bangalore

How 'The Undivided Identities' Was Born

The Undivided Identities: Unknown Stories of Partition project aims to uncover how, during the partition, non-Muslims from Sindh in Pakistan migrated and settled down in different states of India, including Bengaluru. 

08 July 2023
The panelist at the Bihar Museum Biennale in Bangalore

Encouraging 'Feel And Touch' Experience Through Museums

The discussion at the Bihar Museum Biennale in Bangalore centres around the role of museums in a digital world and how a museum can become a site for community engagement and negotiate better with changes that include...

08 July 2023
Satish Padmanabhan, Managing Editor of The Outlook Magazine gives a warm welcome to all the artists

Bihar Museum Biennale Aims To Change The Way We Look At Museums

At Outlook, we have actively sought artists, writers, and singers to be part of our reporting and covers. So many artists have done covers for us, including Ravinder Reddy who will be present at a panel discussion today.

08 July 2023
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Wife: A Prose Poem By Durga Prasad Panda

Durga Prasad Panda writes a poem for Outlook.

08 July 2023
A couple kiss near a phalanx of German riot police June 2, 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Poems On International Kissing Day

On the occasion of International Kissing Day, here are some poems to remind us of love, warmth and friendship even in the darkest times.

06 July 2023
A still from Romain Gavras' 'Athena'

La Haine To Athena: How Films Prophesied The Crisis In France

The killing of a 17-year-old Algerian origin boy from a French suburb sheds light on the 'other' France that lives hidden on the sidelines of glitzy Paris, and its residents who face a kind of discrimination that the French...

05 July 2023
Supreme Court

SC Collegium System Has Its Flaws But Is There A Better Way Forward?

Judicial independence has come under considerable duress during the term of the present government, which has imprudently espoused a mechanism of having greater government participation in the appointments of judges.

02 July 2023
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Names Have Power: How Names Do Injustice With Some Films

There are titles of films that do no justice to the film. A not so apt title merely dilutes good content keeping the audience and cash registers away for a flimsy reason.

01 July 2023
Meghna Mehra writes about her experience of online dating as a queer woman

From Dehumanisation To Catfishing, The Many Experiences Of An Asexual Woman Of Online Dating

The dating apps are the reflection of the larger Indian society where folks are still unaware about asexuality. Many confused it with being intersex and trans and this unleashed the worst of transphobia on me — often by...

01 July 2023