• venkat
    Aug 11, 2020 05:05 PM

    Cheap publicity stunt by Kanimozhi. Thousands of Tamils travel daily through airports. And to find fault with an airport security is the least thing an M P can do. These DMK people will do anything to get publicity and remain in limelight. Shameless people.

  • Hariprasad Rai
    Aug 09, 2020 11:42 PM

    CISF personnels are deployed for the safety and security of countrymen.I am sure they are unaware of politics of language. Here Kanzimojhi is mistaking question of CISF personnel which did not mean so as she is trying to establish and trying to demoralise his personality.It seems to be a matter of politics, a matter of intolerance. Honorable member of Parliament, please show tolerance and do not make language an issue . This is a time to show strength of diversity of language.Matter does not deserve to be aired at all. Time is not far from us when local languages will be overtaken by English as vernacular medium education is breathing it's last.