• Dipakkumar Sheth
    Apr 06, 2020 08:45 AM

    This is a act of terror and put other's life in danger, must be dealt like terrorist.Religion is above other's life. Must be shot dead.

  • Dipakkumar Sheth
    Apr 06, 2020 08:43 AM

    First why they accumulate their, they don't know anything are they jahil and illiterate.

  • Jigisha Suresh
    Apr 02, 2020 02:59 PM

    Agar amantulla saab ne police ko information di thi to as MLA unhone ACP se follow up kyon nahi liya aur kyon unhone khud in logo ko apani jagah bhejane ka intejam kyon nahi kiya police par chhodkar hath unche kar diye ye thi unki naitik jimmedari? Aur unke pass koi roof hai ki unhone ye information dithi ya fir maine kaha aap ne suna lo hogayo jagbat

  • shailesh
    Apr 01, 2020 01:17 AM

    Yes nizAmuddin is responsible for atleast 80% of corona virus speeding in our country,this may be a organised crime to hit india,a high level enquiry to be set up against the organisers,and they should punished

  • K Kumar
    Mar 31, 2020 07:43 PM

    You start with an incomplete and seemingly benign explanation of the JT are. You say"...on urging Muslims to return to practising their faith". Since you have basically plagiarized it word for word from wikipedia (the editor should be embarassed for letting this article be published), you might as well finish the whole sentence which is ..."practising their religion during the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and particularly in matters of ritual, dress, and personal behavior".Fundamentally, their ideology in 21st centure is to live like in the 5th century. And somehow the rest of us have to believe they will understand about social distancing and existance of viruses. This group deserves to be ostracized by any right thinking individual.