• James Devassy
    Apr 11, 2020 10:34 AM

    Dont worry• Covid 19 is not a community speading desease at in india•• All Europe/ US / are covering with 5G waves•• Indian Food Habbits, Turmeric/ Mustard oil/ Betel leaf chewing and Presents of Neem / holy base are good anti viral agents•• Oxygen shortage is main reasons to viruses spreading, that means pollutted cities are only Raising the Viruses deseses•• watch .covid 19 at Bombay Rate and Arunachal rate•• Dont worry This is only 5G and Air polluttion made desease only••

  • Bill Purkayastha
    Apr 01, 2020 05:07 AM

    There is nothing deadly any the coronavirus, it's less dangerous than the influenza virus, which by the way is also a Coronavirus. It's an artificial panic and the only thing deadly any it is the use governments around the world are using it to seize control over their people.