• venu
    Mar 29, 2020 09:05 PM

    See this lockdown is a hypocrisy. You can see huge gatherings of migrant workers , and this gathering is like kumbha mela gatherings. And each day in many big cities and states , in vegetable markets people gather in huge falling over each other and disperse to entire city in a very big way.

    China intentionally created such a scare and phobia with an intention after two months of these corona cases.
    Corona is NOT dangerous and it is almost same as normal cold and fever which any one gets every year. The mortality as wee see it today is less than point one percent(.1% ) and remember about 20,000 people die every year in Italy due to influenzas.
    China intentionally created a big phobia and an atmosphere of terror so as to scare away foreigners (USA) from their companies. China bought back their shareholdings of their companies from the grip of USA institutional investors. And next USA would produce a vaccine which all countries buy or grab as if it were a God's own gift.
    It is a very good script written by China and USA. WHO buys in to this argument and issues guidelines as before regarding previous so called "epidemics".
    When you give medicines like HIV medicines, hydroxy quinines, brufen etc., a patient may go into serious condition because a virus infection has no medicine at present and serious condition may arise without sun light and fresh air.
    This is a scare intentionally created by two super powers.
    You can understand with common sense that there has been huge gatherings in India because of migrant workers problem, huge gatherings at free food serving areas for these workers and beggars and at vegetables markets all over India.
    There is nothing more than this hypocrisy about lockdowns which never ever happened in Indian history.
    People in India are dying of TB , and the mortality due to TB is about 3 lakh persons per year.
    When you put a big convex lens on an insignificant infection called Corona infection, you would see so many deaths or you feel like it.
    Remember , in 2013 also on Feb 20th,2013 press reported about 6 deaths and 20 admissions in hospital because of an infection called " Corona virus infection" in London .
    WHO did not issue any guidelines and UK did not try to draw terrible attention to itself for an infection with very , low mortality rate. UK specifically did not do that.