• Avery hernandez
    Dec 07, 2019 07:31 AM

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  • Jaspal Singh
    Dec 05, 2019 07:39 PM

    Rahul Bazaz has raised questions and has a few to answer too! Bazaz Autos sold 50.65 lac 2 and 3 wheelers last year with gross operating income of ?29,567 cr and after tax profit of ?4,675 cr. Dividend disbursed was only ?1,736 cr and the rest went into accumulated reserves. This way the company has accumulated reserves of ?21,491 cr against share capital of ?289 cr. Of the accumulated reserves company has kept ?17,583 cr in idle financial assets. Economy has lost this much investment at the hands of power(financial) hungry management of the company who won't let control over this money go. Worst still, the shareholders, who are real owners of this wealth have been denied this money which could have gone either into investment or into consumption demand at their hands. Five automobile companies viz. Ashok Leyland, Bazaz Autos, Hero Motocorp, Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors are collectively holding back ?1,08,821 cr in reserves and have stashed ?72,429 cr in idle financial assets. Think of the total wealth held back by all corporates and parked into banks rather than letting it get invested or otherwise go into economic cycle. Corporate greed is not only hurting the Indian economy it is now coming back to hurt the same very corporate interests. Auto sector is facing some hard times for their own follies and the follies of their fellow corporates. It is easy for Rahul Bazaz and his ilk to seek answers but they have a few to answer too if people choose to ask them. But alas! this country is obsessed with seeking answers from governments only but not from others who hold vast public stakes in trust, too often abusing it. Corporate governance calls for a complete overhaul.