• George Joseph
    Nov 21, 2019 01:42 AM

    We have one word to Justice Gogoi, thank u sir, we needs justice like to sit as Chief justice to hold our Constitution and justice for the Indians.
    Thank you sir,

  • George Joseph
    Nov 21, 2019 01:37 AM

    our Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is departing from Judiciary with a golden feather on his cap.
    A jewel of upholding the judicial values, the holiness of the apex court. wow, Justice Ranjan, you have executed that much a glorious order for Ayodhaya. You have respected the values and faith of the Hindus. For Hindus Rama Janma bhoomy is so holy but for Muslims it is not a holy land like Makkah. We wish our muslim brothers to remember and respect the Hindus tribute to Muslims. Over 58 Masjid were donated and built by Hindus for Muslims. For example the Kodungalloor masjid was donated by a Hindu King and has donated all the building materials which they kept for a temple was given for constructing a masjid. They have even given Hindu girls to get them married (for 10 saudi men). They allowed them to convert to Islam. Hindus has great religious tolerance. Just think, we are all Hindus and converted to christanity and Islam only with the kind permission of our Hindus friends. 99% of our Hindu friends are so magnificent and do not have any fanatic sentiment.
    However the church dispute verdict on July 3, 2017n has totally tarnished the holiness and reputation of our apex body.
    Jutice Arun misra judgement was so inhuman and violated the fundamental right of Indians to worship as they wish.
    Because of this biased judgement Jacobite were deprived off their property which they constructed with their money and effort for which the orthodox did not spent a single penny. How come the orthodox becomes the owners of those churches built by jacobites. This controversial judgement must be stayed immediately and must hear a revision petition.