• George Joseph
    Nov 21, 2019 01:27 AM

    if prestige and reputation is that much valued for Justice Arun Misra, how come he judged on July 3, 2017 such an inhuman and shameful judgement regarding church dispute. The judgement is against the fundamental right of Indians as given in our Constitution and all human values. The jacobite were deprived off their fundamental right to worship as they wish and to hold properties to worship the way they wish. By the SC judgement. The jacobite were deprived off their right to visit the cemetary to pay homage to their in-laws and say prayers as per their wish and practice. As per the
    SC verdict only the orthodox priests are allowed to enter the cemetary who rebuke and insult the patriarch whom jacobite trust as their spiritual leader. The orthdox Catholic declared before the TV channels that he had spent crores and crores of rupees to obtain this judgemnet. How come our Supreme Court judgements became that much expensive. Did Justice Arun Misra and BJP made a fortune out of this crores and crores expenses. In recent by election in Kerala Orthdox asked their believers to vote for BJP (it never happened ever since our independence). BJP is an arch rival of Christanity who aims at total elimination of christanity from India. How come orthodox vote for their arch rival BJP, was it connected with the 2017 July 3, church dispute case. The orthodox vote,is it a a gratitude for the 2017 judgement.
    Is it true that Justice Arun Misra is an RSS activist.
    Otherwise, when there is peaceful solution is possible how come Justice Arun Misra judged that all the properties of Jacobite is amalgamated to Orthodox, who did not spent a single penny for construction of those churches. What type of judgement is this. If Justice Arun misra needs a peaceful solution, he could have appoint a commission of enquiry who can visit each parish church and obtain opinion of 1100 churches. They can find out the majority decision to stay with which faith. If majority says, they needs orthodox faith, let those church goes to Orthodox and wherever the Parish body decides in favour of jacobite let them churches goes to jacobites.
    If there is BJP/RSS agend which Justice Arun Misra needs to accomplish, Justice Arun Misra can not do anything more than this.
    This judgement has tarnished the holiness of our apex body.
    Justice Arun misra must stay this most controversial and inhuman judgement declared in July 3, 2017 and must do justice to Jacobite. If the prayer is almost same, they are not going to unit as saw over a century, how come SC let them unit.
    The problem is related to fa fake throne, that is St. Thomas throne, which orthodox made for a separate identity. At the same time, they says, they are accepting the Patriarch of Antioch as their spiritual leader who is seated like Pope in St. Peters throne.

    Oct 24, 2019 08:53 AM

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