Jul 15, 2019 08:56 PM

    Neither Top Batsmen made runs nor Middle order did any thing every thing was left to Dhoni and Jadeja to win the match .

    World cup was in India's grips but but all the batsmen lost the match.

    Please over haul the Team ,Coaches Coaches and Shastri .

    If you hearthe names of selectors you will swoon .All of them are either failed Batsmen or Bowlers.
    And every Selector gets around Rs 90 lakhs per year !!!!

  • Harinder Jadwani
    Jul 15, 2019 06:55 PM

    Absolutely in agreement with Yuvi. We have seen this type of stuff hurting Indian cricket. Triple-centurion Nair not allowed into the Test team against England, presumably because Kohli doesn't want him. The 2015 world cup was lost partly because Yuvi was dropped by Dhoni; Yuvi had been 2011's man of series. That Pant was finally brought in was good, but with that much uncertainty how could he play with confidence. Lots of issues to look into. Clearly also the top 3 underestimated the NZ bowling. Kohli's walk across the stumps against Boult had an overconfident look about it. But warning signs had been seen against Afghanistan and even Bangladesh, but no one paid attention.