Jul 15, 2019 08:45 PM

    Dhoni should leave the cricket as he is already 38 years old though Sachin Tendlukar played till 40 years.
    Chance are Dhoni will soon fight Member Parliament on BJP's ticket or he may join full time join Territorial Army where he is already an Lt Colonel an gone through all the taring and professional courses.

    Both ways he is welcome ! He has done lot for the Cricket and the Country .Even in the last game he made 50 runs . And saved India along with Jadeja from most humiliating defeat .

    What more Dhoni could do when you bring him at 7 number after the 1 to 5 Batsmen completely were booted out by the not so brilliant Bowlers of KIWIS ?

    Total failure of the Coach,Captain and Shastri.

  • Cristoval Jesús Amado
    Jul 15, 2019 01:53 AM

    Remove Kohli from captaincy, then everything will be fine.