Jul 08, 2019 05:42 PM

    The problem is within Congress . The Mangaluru
    Development Authority -MDA . IT IS VERY RICH AUTHORITY .
    Three Congress MLAs want to control this richest MDA .Now every one of them wants to be Minister of the Authority . Since one group is controlling the MDA hence Two other groups are on Revolt .

    REST ASSURED THE KARNATKA GOVT WILL NOT FALL as now both JDs and Congress have taken the resignations of all the Ministers .Hence redistribution of the Portfolios will hopefully be such that there are no more heart burns !! There is no incentive for Congress and JDs MLAs to go far another Elections . which they will surely loose .

    Hence soon every body be pacified.

  • Ramamurthi Kolagunta
    Jul 07, 2019 03:33 PM

    Siddha & Shiv Kumar will manage the issue. The issue with these resignations is only " CUT MONEY (CM)" These MLAs seem to have taken money in advance, during the election, from various contractors/vendors promising projects/schemes once the Gov't is formed. Unfortunately all those projects/schemes were stalled due to infighting between the partners. These advances against CM are being demanded by the givers. It is similar to IMA affair. So it is just money that matters. Siddha & Shiv Kumar are capable of opening the Black Wallet of the INC to settle the issue.