• Narendra M. Apte
    Jul 06, 2019 04:16 PM

    1. I have a few observations to make here. It is obvious that Union Budget is essentially a political statement. 1. Comments of leaders of all political parties on Union Budget are often so similar: the ruling party will describe the Budget as something ‘which will boost economy, and something which is pro-poor, pro middle class’ and so on. Opposition parties will never see anything good in the Budget. This is going on for years and we citizen-voters must learn to enjoy the post-Budget comments! 2. I am yet to see a Budget which can meet even 50 % of expectations. Therefore, I think it is just a futile exercise to first expect something from the Budget and then to criticize it for it not meeting expectations, some of which can even be unrealistic. 3. As regards economic growth, Budget provisions alone are of not much assistance to boost investment and growth; more important is implementation of policy decisions. It is here the problems arise. 4. We citizen-voters must learn to be pragmatic. Let us demand implementation of reforms for (a) curbing use of black money in elections, (b) compulsory audit of accounts of political parties and (c) administrative reforms for minimization of scope for corruption especially in the lower and middle level of bureaucracy.