• sr smith
    Jun 26, 2019 03:47 AM

    Regarding Sri Lanka, you have written "If they win all their remaining games, they should qualify for the knockout round." __ May I point out that winning all 3 games will indeed take Sri Lanka to 12 points, but it does not *automatically* qualify them for the semifinal. Their qualification with 12 points is conditional on one team out of England/ NZ/ India not reaching 12 points. Please note that Sri Lanka got 2 points through washed out games, which means a win less than another team with the same points, which did not suffer a wash-out. If both England and SL finish on 12 and only one spot is left then England will qualify with more wins, and the same applies to Australia, which is why they have already qualified for the semifinal. If either India or NZ (or both) earn just one point from their remaining games, through a tie or a wash-out, and end up competing for the last 1 or 2 semifinal spots with Sri Lanka on 12 points then, number of wins being equal, the team(s) with the higher net run rate shall qualify for the semifinal.