• Nasar Ahmed
    Apr 19, 2020 06:20 PM

    India is a dangerous country now

  • GHAI
    Jun 12, 2019 07:51 PM

    And Professor was put in Jail by Mamta !
    Where was the Freedom of Speech brigade headed by Ruben Banerjee ?
    Tukre Tukre walas have shown their place by the Voters but unfortunately our so called liberal Media has love for these anti Indiawalas.

  • GHAI
    Jun 12, 2019 07:45 PM

    If one publish or posts content without any proof then he is rightly to be put in Jail.
    Ruben Banerjee never protested when one Professor in Calcutta published an Cartoon of Mamta di on his email.

    What credibility is there for RUBEN BANERJEE ? Even Outlook is loosing its reputation by givig space to such prjudiced writers like Banerjee another is Akkar Bekkar Patel .

  • Chandrashekhar Modak
    Jun 12, 2019 03:23 PM

    What is your stance on BJP worker Priyanka Sharma in Bangal?

  • Rabindra Nath Roy
    Jun 11, 2019 08:52 PM

    Police Force in India are the force which deals in Law and Order in each states and it is seen that the Political party in power in respective states make Police their bonded force and make them do what they want them to do. We have seen this scenario changing with the change in ruling party in any state. Present Police force works under Police Act of 1861 which was meant to protect the British interest which have been retained except few cosmetic changes in the said act here and there but the Police reform that came through the hearing of petition in Supreme court from 1996 to 2006 has remained in dust bin. Police is captive in the hands of Politicians and if Indian and their interest under Constitution is to be protected the Police needs to be overhauled under the Supreme court judgement of 22 sep'2006. Else we could go on protesting in the streets and filing PIL for the years to come.