• Rabindra Nath Roy
    Jun 11, 2019 08:28 PM

    It is time for all those in India who think the democracy is a way of life and need of the hour to organise an opposition of the opposition political parties in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as also on the streets. The very idea of India is at stake with the vision of New India of Narendra Modi. Journalists, Author, Activists on Human Rights front, social and political front have to come together to bring awareness of the idea of India for which the millions gave their lives and particularly Muslims, Dalit, Tribals and other minority who are at the receiving end now by those very forces who acted during the freedom struggle as stooge of British and discouraged people to fight for the freedom of India. If the Prime Minister of our nation goes without facing a question in calling himself a follower of Sawarkar and calls him the great freedom fighter whose life is the gift of British who pleaded for mercy from hanging while just by his side Bhagat Singh sought to be hanged for the freedom struggle of which he is one of the fighter. While Godse the Killer of Mahatma is now praised in public and Mahatma's vision of India is nowhere in sight under the leadership of RSS and its political wing BJP the so called Intelligentsia and civil society are not coming together to fight this evil trend. Congress leadership is fallen in the trap of RSS and it has to recoup itself from this or else the India for which millions fought and Muslims in particular along with the others and opted to stay in India would must not be abandoned by the those who think Mahatma is the father of Nation and so is Muslims, Dalit, Christians, tribal are the son and daughter of India.