• Arun Maheshwari
    May 23, 2019 04:12 PM

    I hope one takeaway for parties is that the clock is ticking on family parties.

  • Diptarup Kahali
    May 23, 2019 01:54 PM

    Change the leader of Congress, the FAMILY cannot bring votes. It is democracy not Monarchism. Enough is enough

  • Voiceof India
    May 23, 2019 01:52 PM

    This is called the Dance of Democracy. People's power is the ultimate power. Dynasty is against democracy and that is why democracy hates dynasty. The Loksabha Election of India is about the selection of the national leaders and the Prime Minister of this country who has the capable to lead the country. Prime Minister is the brand ambassador to the outside world . The world does not know who is Sadvi Pragya of BJP or Digviyay Singh of Congress, but world forms opinion about India based on who and how the PM is. Question is people of this nation have travelled more than 70 years after 1947 and realized that if the country has to progress , country needs a PM who can keep the country safe, secured and integrated besides keeping national pride intact and can propagate the idea of India which great saint like swami Vivekananda preached and taught the World at Chicago. The very idea of India he propagated is the glory of Hindu civilization, Hindu culture and beliefs . Right or Wrong few intellectuals in the name of democracy, secularism and freedom of speech have hijacked this very idea of India and distorted this under the political patronage of the ideology of congress, left and parties like AAP, TMC, RLD et all, have become ideal breeding ground of youths like Kanhaiya Kumar has ideology and belief like "Bharat tere tukde honge, Insa Allah, Insa Allah" , " Afzal hum sarminda hain, tere katil zinda hain." Etc. Right or Wrong, the people of this country are not endorsing this type of Idea of India and ideology any more and pioneers of this brand of ideology are not being empowered by the people through their Democratic Right called VOTE . Thanks to TV, social media and broadband internet that these ideologies are reaching to people faster than sound.