• Rabindra Nath Roy
    Apr 21, 2019 01:32 PM

    Ratan Tata in the last days of Left front in West Bengal had created stir in taking over of land at Singur and he took upon himself to bring discredit to Mamata Banerjee and praises for the then LF Chief Minister. His letter to the people at the end of it all was not in good taste as he belonged to Tata. Tatas have also while promising to start a steel Plant ion Chh. Garh and having facilitated the then BJP Government of Raman Singh did not start the mill and the land was held by the Govt. and it was returned only after Congress Govt. came to power. The comment of Ratan Tata when there was a turmoil brought in JNU Delhi and Kanhaiya case it is Ratan Tata who came out in open to say he would not allow any one from JNU to be absorbed in Tatas which had to be contradicted by the Board of Tata Sons. Ratan tata's hobnobbing with RSS is on the expected line since it is easier to move forward in Business with closeness of Mohan Bhagwat. Who knows he is aiming at Air India since it was Mohan Bhagwat who objected to sale of AI and had also said only if an Indian company could take over. May be the arranging for the same in case Modi is coming back which all the capitalist want.