• Adalit Speaks
    Mar 31, 2019 04:41 PM

    "I would like to tell these people that if you have any problem, if you have to attack, attack me. Stop attacking my Dalit brethren. If you have to shoot, shoot me, but not my Dalit brothers. This game should stop,"
    This was very high sounding assurance the Prime Minister held out over two years ago at Hyderabad. we're happy that things may change. But his Chief Ministers under his own party at Gujarat,Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra, MP. Bihar, Chattisgarh, Punjab treated his public announcement worse than toilet paper and trushed it.

    Dalit and tribal continue to face the same spree of mindless killing, rape, kidnapping, abduction, injustice, indignity, humiliation and deprivation as before. We're as helpless and vulnerable as before.

    So we have to act, while in the voting station, in self interest and exercise, with wisdom and precision, our right of self defence and protection.

    Else we may be too late to wait for another term of five years. We may not get another chance at all to stand up and use our francise.