• Rajan Narasimhan
    Feb 20, 2019 01:03 PM

    This alliance looks more balanced than the one being stitched up by Kanimozhi and Raga right now in New Delhi. Congress has EVERYTHING to gain, and the DMK nothing, in the other alliance. Actually, the DMK stands to lose, if we look back on Karunanidhi yielding, much against Stalin's wishes, and conceding 62 seats to Congress in Assembly elections 2016, of which Congress could scrape through ONLY 9 seats. If it had not allotted so many seats, DMK would have been ruling Tamil Nadu now, instead of the AIADMK. But very strangely, Stalin, who objected seriously in 2016, is himself surrendering NOW, when the DMK can win by itself and set the stage for 2021 Assembly. This will be a very interesting election.