Jan 14, 2019 08:20 PM

    ''' Supreme Court Judge AK Sikri, Who Voted To Remove CBI Chief, Rejects Centre's Offer
    Edited by Nidhi Seth
    Supreme Court Judge AK Sikri, Who Voted To Remove CBI Chief, Rejects Centre's Offer
    The CSAT is the final arbiter of disputes among its 53 member-countries of the Commonwealth. The members are appointed on a four-year term which may be renewed only once.''

    Stupidity of Congress is that Modi snatched the chance for an Indian Judge to Head Arbiration

    The top court judge, second in seniority after Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, was expected to join the CSAT soon after retirement.

    Sources said Justice Sikri wrote to the centre saying he was "pained by the recent developments", apparently referring to the criticism his vote invited following the ouster of the CBI chief.

    "The government had approached him for the assignment last month. He gave his consent. The job required attending two to three hearings in a year and came without any remuneration," sources close to the judge said.

    "I am withdrawing my consent... please do not process," his letter reportedly said. ''

    The stupid CONGRESS commented on integrity of the Judge that he got post dure favour in Verma's removal.

    Idiots the CJI Justice name was approved by Common wealth group last month and formal letter ewas to be issued.
    But alas moron Gandhi Parivar destroyed this honour for India .

    Gandhi Parivar is so ungrateful and shameless that same judge Sikri sahib supported the Congress Devghodas demand to form Govt in Karnatka.


  • anilbaweja1
    Jan 10, 2019 08:03 PM

    Serves corrupt alok verma right -- he ought to have voluntarily gone on leave yesterday..and saved himself this disgrace.