• Adalit Speaks
    Oct 15, 2018 12:10 AM

    M. J. Akbar's contention to the effect that "Accusation without evidence has become a viral fever among some sections." is very apt indeed.
    Does he want photograps of various actions alleged against him have been aired by his victims to confront him? Really? No rapists, aggressors of dignity of fair sex keep photographers or witnesses to prove the accusations, do they?
    So, the nation should give our minister benefit of doubts and the victims be labelled as congenital lairs.
    The advisors of Akbar has asked him to shoot in the foot of the government. The women victimised will get longer time to raise heckles against their honourable outrager and thereby mobilize public opinion which ultimately will receive more attention helping TV channels to expose him more and more. Government will benefit thereby, will it?