• sanaulla sharief
    Oct 12, 2018 07:32 PM

    A husband can work as a PIMP too.

  • pranita kale
    Oct 02, 2018 02:09 PM

    Till now I was just looking into the case only through FR issues etc (dignity of female and the gender equality etc. etc. ) -->this issues needs revision.
    maybe parliament has a law like if wife involved in the extra material affair --> no maintenance, the judiciary can constitute fast-track civil court --> speedy divorce for adultery based cases..., fine for the person involved in adultery... etc

    the comments present a grim picture... law definitely wants gender equality but then it is very much bias when innocent men are harassed

  • Anand Vaid
    Sep 30, 2018 12:57 PM

    I am also in same boat as Mr. AM from Delhi and Mr. Prakash Ventakesh. I caught my wife in an adulterous relationship after 21 years of marraige (though i had forgiven her 3 times earlier for being in extra marital relations).

    The reasons of judgment of striking down Section 497 of IPC apart from gender discrimination are summarised in #17 of the Judgement as follows:

    “The State must follow minimalistic approach in the criminalisation of offences, keeping in view the respect for the autonomy of the individual to make his/ her personal choices”


    “In order to determine what conduct requires State interference through criminal sanction, the State must consider whether the civil remedy will serve the purpose. Where a civil remedy for a wrongful act is sufficient, it may not warrant criminal sanction by the state.”

    We demand reliefs against the judgement in Section 497 on following grounds:

    (i) Civil remedy in form of “Divorce on grounds of Adultery” may take 6-10 years or even longer to decide inflicting immense mental and monetary stress and cruelty on the unerring spouse.

    (ii) Divorce Petitions on grounds of Adultery should be initially evaluated for cognizance on basis of evidence placed on record (like in a Complaint Case u/s 200). If the evidence placed on record seems sufficient, cognizance be taken and such Divorce cases should be given a speedy trial and closed within 6 months or 1 year max.

    my email is anandvaid@gmail.com

  • Am
    Sep 28, 2018 03:53 PM

    Now this will happen with Faithful/Dedicated Husbands
    1. Husband is faithful.
    2. Wife gets into relation with someone else and commits adultery.
    3. Divorce will take place
    4. Wife will take children, wife will take half of money, property etc.
    5. Wife will go will all money and alimony to Adulterer
    6. Husband will commit suicide or left to die.

    This happened with me and I am myself a victim of same where courts are blind for women. The only thing left is suicide. Shame on such laws

  • PRAKASH Venkatesh
    Sep 28, 2018 03:27 PM

    After 19 yrs of marriage in may 2017, i discovered my wife (house wife) was in adulterous relationship with school friend. My children, boys, are 15 & 10. I collected WhatsApp chats, 250+ pages in just 1 week. They were planning to beat me up if I intruded, were planning on how to extort money, separate my children etc. I filed complaint in PS and then followed up with 497 private complaint.
    After complaint, she & MIL pleaded she be allowed to stay only for kids sake. That was my biggest mistake. These people are so ruthless, they were further secretly planning. She left home abandoning kids and left Bengaluru.
    Then, she & boyfriend both connived and have filed 6 separate cases in Hyd on me & 75 yrs old parent. They thought I would get arrested (possible just on statements by woman in 498a, 406, 506, etc) and would succumb to their onslaught of these false cases. By this time I had collected more evidence of their hotel stays and call recs, etc. Hyd police had believed (?) her nauseating stories(verbal, physical, sexual harassment, attempt to murder, dowry harassment, some disgusting to write here). She is also now demanding crores as alimony. I & my parent were summoned in 406 & 498a cases. We submitted 497 related proof, so they got to know real story. Her own parents & friends, have given statement that there was never any dowry & she enjoyed ALL comforts. She, the complainant, is not appearing while I visit Hyd PS once in a while to check on status and visit Hyd courts for the false cases.

    Because of these false cases and related travel, i am not able to work, my children are deprived of my care and full attention during my travel to Hyd.
    Last month she said she wanted to compromise (normally used in courts but is actually legal extortion), but, I said i want to fight all m her false cases on merits. Oh, and yes, I am being asked to pay maintenance even though she is in adultery. Prakash (Bengaluru)