• Adalit Speaks
    Aug 12, 2018 12:11 AM

    Media hype around Nitish Kumar was designed to silence all allegations, criticisms and suspicious voices being raise at all. So he was catapulted as vikas purush, sushasanbabu, etc. Anybody raising an accusing finger was derided wit ferocity and silenced as carping opponent. It is not in Muzaffarpur alone where impropriety, irregularity and corrupt practices have been the smooth vehicles of elements like Brajesh Thakur and his son flourished, in almost everywhere such vested interest has spread and wrecked the administrative propriety and fairness required by laws and decorum.
    Be sure and make no mistake more skeletons will tumble out of his cubboard in days ahead and the so-called Vikash purush will find himself sucked into deep slush, the result of darkness of arrogance out of power drunkenness and sycophancy.