• Atulkrishna Biswas
    Aug 03, 2018 11:29 PM

    Dr B R Ambedkar wrote:

    20. “Not very long ago there used to be boards on club doors and other social resorts maintained by Europeans in India, which said ‘Dogs and Indians’ are not allowed.” The temples of Hindus carry similar boards today, the only difference is that the boards on the Hindu temples practically say: ‘All Hindus and all animals including dogs are admitted, only Untouchables are not admitted’. The situation in both cases is of parity. But Hindus never begged for admission in those places from which the Europeans in their arrogance had excluded them. Why should an Untouchable beg for admission in a place from which he has been excluded by the arrogance of the Hindus? This is the reason why the Depressed Class man who is interested in material welfare should be prepared to say to the Hindus, ‘to open or not to open your temples is a question for you to consider and not for me to agitate. If you think, it is bad manners not to respect the sacredness of human personality, open your temple and be a gentleman. If you rather be a Hindu than a gentleman, then shut the doors and damn yourself for I don’t care to come.’’
    A man is worse than animal if the sacredness human personality is not respected. Upper castes have no respect for sacredness human personality of dalits.
    They should refuse to even look at the Hindu temples most of which are vice dens, gateway to hell.

  • T. Nayak
    Aug 01, 2018 07:10 PM

    I think she is the epitome of a half witted person. Otherwise, being a Dalit how can she associate herself with the bjp an follow the religion of the upper castes who have subjected her community to the worst inhuman treatment?

  • Rohit Parikh
    Aug 01, 2018 06:37 AM

    Since she is a BJP MLA, perhaps there will be pressure on the temple to moderate its policies. I remember going to a bunch of temples in Varanasi with my US both wife. There was only one temple she was not allowed to enter. And she was lucky because the priest gave me some gangajal to drink. I could not refuse but wondered how safe it was. I doubt it would have been safe for her because she did not have my immunities.