• Rabindra Nath Roy
    Jul 30, 2018 11:36 PM

    One must wonder at the innocent observation of Judges of Supreme court as to why there are no arrests despite charge sheet having been files as well as the delay in completing the investigation. Why? Central Govt. be it the MMSingh Govt. or the present Modi Govt. have stood by their stand to have the need for AFSPA which gives wide powers to Army and security forces to shoot to kill and they are not to be made responsible for the killing as also the speed of investigation against the policy of central Govt. while CBI reports to PMO, the very appointment of its officers and Directors are done by the Prime Minister how could the agency be held responsible for the same while it has to go by what central Govt. demands. If the Appenx court thinks that CBI must discharge its duties and be accountable to the constitution then it must be freed from the bondage of Political Boss and their appointment as well their removal must be made through collagium and their independence must be protected by the constitution. It is just not enough for the Supreme court to speak up but to sea reasons as to why such agency have become parrot of the Govt. as it has been declared by the Supreme court itself. Judges in higher Judiciary must wake up. People ordinary one's like me avoid being critical to the Judges for they are the ultimate source of delivering justice against the Govt.'s injustices.